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BREAKING: Dodgers Puig Reportedly Gets In Fight at Miami Nightclub

When you’re trying to prove to everyone that you’re maturing enough to not send away, one of the last things you want to do is make more negative headlines.

Yasiel Puig allegedly failed to do so, as a report comes from Miami that he’s again in trouble for his actions away from the field.

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This, via ESPN’s Renato Bermudez:


#MLB @YasielPuig he was a fight with the security of the Club ” Blue Martini” in Miami. The Cuban came out with a blow to the face

Yeah. That’s no ideal.

Look, Puig offers so much on the field that some trade could haunt the Dodgers for years to come. That said, if he continues to act as such (and we don’t have all the details so there’s no way to know exactly what happened here), eventually, the organization will say enough is enough and pass him off for another team to figure out.

I honestly hope he gets his act together and this report is faulty, but as of right now, this isn’t a good look — especially in an offseason where everyone and their mother is predicting a trade sooner rather than later for this very reason.

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