Dodgers Rumors: Ben Zobrist Not Getting Interest From Team

If it’s felt like every available free agent has garnered interest from the Los Angeles Dodgers, it’s because that’s basically been the reality. Oddly enough, though, a utility player who makes a ton of sense for the Dodgers, is the rare exemption to the Dodgers’ wide net this offseason.

Ben Zobrist, who won a World Series with the Kansas City Royals, plays second base (where the Dodgers have a gaping hole), can spend time in the outfield and spent time with Andrew Friedman in Tampa Bay is not on the Dodgers’ radar, for whatever reason.

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Here’s the L.A. Times’ Mike DiGiovanna:

This is honestly really weird.

Now, it is fairly early in the offseason (no big free agents have signed anywhere yet and the Winter Meetings are still a week away), so that lack of interest could obviously change.

I would honestly anticipate it does. For all the reason I listed above, Zobrist is just too perfect a fit theoretically to not check in on him. If any of that wasn’t enough, as Zobrist was moved mid-season, he wouldn’t cost a compensatory pick on top of whatever salary he signs for.

If we want to read between the lines here, the Dodgers could also be content to see how they can fill that positional need in-house. Either that, or they don’t want to spend an exceeding amount on the position this offseason with such high priorities elsewhere (Zack Greinke ring a bell?).

The last factor at work here might also be how many teams are also interested in Zobrist, which would conceivably raise his asking price and could slow the Dodgers from fixing other issues on the roster while they wait for a decision. Conversely, if the Dodgers pass up on negotiating along with the plethora of teams, it could also give them the opportunity to sneak in and grab another candidate while so many other teams are waiting for Zobrist.

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  1. His age is also a factor. The Dodgers are trying not to spend on aging players. Isn’t he 34 or 35? Signing him would not work towards the goal of getting younger. Let the Yankees and Red Sox do what they do and sign older guys to big money deals.

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