Bryan Stow Files Lawsuit Against Dodgers For Alleged Fraud

[new_royalslider id=”76″] When the Guggenheim Baseball Partners purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers, they made an earnest commitment to erasing the negative memories and perception of the franchise that was tied to former owner Frank McCourt.

Despite the new ownership’s efforts, one issue has served as a reminder of how dark the days were under McCourt’s control. Bryan Stow’s legal suit against the Dodgers came to an end in July when a jury found the Dodgers and not McCourt, liable in the San Francisco Giants fan’s senseless beating.

With that legal proceeding complete, Stow filed a second lawsuit against the Dodgers, insurance companies and his former employer, according to the LA Daily News:

Stow filed the lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against the National League franchise, Anthem Blue Cross, ACE Casualty & Property Insurance and American Medical Response Inc., where Stow worked before he was hurt. The suit alleges contract violations, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and a violation of the state Business and Professions Code.

Included in the lawsuit is the allegation the Dodgers and ACE, who provided insurance for the team, are attempting to recover millions from Stow:

The suit alleges the team and ACE are fraudulently trying to recover $3.4 million from the plaintiff regarding his health care.

The jury’s ruling in July awarded Stow with an approximate $18 million, with the Dodgers responsible for paying 25 percent of the sum, and the two men who caused the bodily harm, to split the remaining balance.

Immediately following the incident, the Dodgers made changes to their parking lot practices and have since expanded on them. There’s since been a larger police presence and more lighting throughout the multiple lots surrounding the stadium.

Although McCourt dragged the franchise into his messy divorce before ultimately selling, he made public comments in June that he added value to the team.

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  1. This is really out of control, I do understand that Mr. Will always be hounted by the actions of the 2 thugs that almost took his life, not all dodger fans are o will act the same..!

    What about the dodger fan that was stab to death in a giants game in San Francisco last year, why isn’t that on the local Bay Area news, why isn’t anyone saying or doing anything about it..???

    Alcohol was te motive behind the stow case, there was witnesses and video that before mr stow got attacked by the 2 thugs he was also talking a lot of smack..
    He was instigating and taking a lot of trash, he did not deserve to be beaten this way, no one deserves this..

    I honestly feel really bad, for me stow and his children and wish him and his family the very best hope they can managed to deal with this difficult situation.

    1. It’s pretty pathetic when someone has to bring someone’s death just for the sake of arguing. This statement is so blinded by emotion and ignorance.

  2. stow deserved nothing else. he had his day in court. now go live out the rest of your veggy days rooting for your midgets with a little grace. the thugs are in jail. personally go after frank mcdebt if you want blood.

    1. Very classy Mary! Sometimes you need to take off your team hat and be part of the human team.

  3. Stow was screwed by the Dodgers. All that the Dodgers could do was just pick up the tab of his medical expenses and that’s it. Instead, they did little to nothing to help him in his family.

    1. dodgers should not have to be responsible for a loud mouth drunk who was talking shit with his BUDDIES with him! he had his day in court got 18 fucking million and still wants MORE bull!

      1. I imagine he only got 25% of 18 million, since I doubt the thugs have any $ to pay the other 75%. That’s 4.5 million, and allegedly the Dodgers and Ace are trying to tak 3.4 million of that back. That’s not right, if true.

  4. HA! I hope he wins so that every dollar he spends will remind him to keep his mouth shut. Not that he can open it any more anyway. I mean what is he going to spend that money on? He can’t use anything he buys.

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