Clayton Kershaw Art Giveaway By RareInk For Dodgers Nation

With the Dodgers advancing to the NLCS against the Cardinals tomorrow night in St. Louis, here at Dodgers Nation we’re launching our NLCS contest and partnering with RareInk, who’s the official art partner with major league baseball. In their 27-piece Dodger collection, RareInk captures moments from Yasiel Puig, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp and many more.

In honor of the Dodgers advancing, we’re giving away a framed 24 x 30″ Kershaw autographed canvas art piece. This is the only signed piece from the Dodgers RareInk collection and this particular autographed version sells for $499.00. The edition is limited to only 22 pieces and is a fine art canvas print of artist Tes One’s original painting created by RareInk especially for Kershaw’s charity event last month.



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        1. You  MUST be 18 years or older to enter
        2. You MUST  be a resident of the United States
        3. Winner will be chosen at RANDOM and the contest will end 1 pm PST on Saturday, October 12
        4. Once the winner is contacted, they have 48 hours to respond to an email address we provide

Ross Gasmer

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  1. Fave playoff moment? Dee Gordon getting caught stealing. While it stemmed the tide of the game, the look on his face was classic and has had me laughing ever since. #DNRareInk

  2. Favorite playoff moment this PostSeason is being at the game when Uribe “couldn’t” get the bunt down and then hit it into the Dodger bullpen. I can’t remember any sound so loud as the cheer that went throughout the stadium and of course the following Uribe chant. #DNRareInk

  3. Favorite playoff moments so far is watching them clinch the nlds with my dad inside the stadium #DNRareInk

  4. Favorite playoff moment was 1988 when my mom let me stay up and watch the Dodgers Mets game and just when I thought it was going to be bed time. One of my all time favorite Dodgers Mike Scioscia hits a tying home run off of dr k to tie the game.

  5. My Favorite playoff moment was seeing Jansen close it down after Kershaw started it solid! Ok the TWO homers from Crawford and the go ahead from Uribe were awesome too- that whole game was GREAT! #DNRareInk

  6. Going to this years nlds game #3 for my bday and the dodgers winning #DNRareInk

  7. I think my favorite playoff moment now has to be Uribe’s blast in game 4 of the 2013 DS vs the Braves! #DNRareInk

  8. If I was asked this a week ago I would have said watching Gibby’s home run with my Dad. Although only 7 at the time, I knew it was something special by my Dad’s reaction. Fast forward to today and I have to say Uribe’s homerun to seal the Braves fate earlier this week. Being deployed in a remote area of Afghanistan all I have is my slow internet, but you better believe I was streaming the live stats from MLB.com. Once I saw the score change from 3-2 to 4-3 I knew Uribe smashed a bomb. After the game I was able to stream the homerun highlight and all 10 times I watched it, it gave me chills. Long story short, Uribes homerun lol.

  9. Dodgers coming back from a 4-0 deficit to the Phillies after a grand slam homer

  10. I was only one when it happened. 1988, Kirk Gibson’s Winning HR. I don’t remember it, but I grew up a Dodger fan, the only team I ever loved. I remember when my mom showed me the footage of that HR that won the Dodgers the World Series. It was like watching one of those cliche movie moments, where the heroes made a last second comeback and won. Except this wasn’t a movie, it really happened. That’s when I first learned of the Dodger Magic, something the team as always shown me growing up. Right now they have that magic. When I was a kid, that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen a team do. Hollywood couldn’t have written it any better. #DNRareInk

  11. My favorite playoff memory has to be Uribe’s HR! I was lucky enough to be there Monday night & it is something I will never forget :’) #DNRareink

  12. Ima go with a very recent favorite playoff moment. Uribe’s HR. Had me jumping around like a little kid for the first time in a long time. #DNRareInk

  13. Gotta say the best playoff moment so far is uribes home run in game 4 against the braves..#DNRareInk

  14. Uribe trying to bunt twice then saying screw it and hitting a home run! Uribe doesn’t bunt! 🙂

  15. My favorite moment so far is Uribe’s failed bunts that led to the game winning home run! Uribe doesn’t do bunting! #DNRareink

  16. #DNRareInk My favorite moment has to be Gibson’s home run. Even though I was only a month old at the time, I’ve seen the replays enough times to have goosebumps every time.

  17. hi my name is john bailiff of all dodger picthers my favoite was preacher roe he had a record of 23 3 the best won lost until clayton kershaw came along

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