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Cubs’ Joe Maddon On Facing The Dodgers In The NLCS

The Dodgers are in a very good place right now and have all of the advantage going into the NLCS against the Cubs. Los Angeles got to rest for a few days, they have home-field advantage, and they are a completely new team compared to last year.

Sure, some might argue that the rest hurts the Dodgers and that the Cubs have momentum on their side, but check out what Joe Maddon had to say after the Dodgers swept the Diamondbacks:

Some people talk about you got to play right up to the very end and then you’re going to have an advantage because your team is kind of like into it. But then again, when you get a chance to rest and set things up that’s always good also.

Of course it’s better to be in their position, of course it is. There’s no way to deny that. But you just, the hand you’re dealt you play it and you go on from there.

So Joe Maddon clearly recognizes that the Dodgers getting the rest puts them in a better spot. But what does he think about the Dodgers overall? He was asked about how he thinks about Los Angeles and he couldn’t have hyped up the Dodgers anymore. He cites Los Angeles’ improvements facing left-handed pitchers, the consistently strong bullpen, and the advantage of having Clayton Kershaw. However, he did mention that his team just faced Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer, which he says is “…no day at the beach either.”

Check out everything Maddon had to say below:

This series is going to be one for the books. Both teams look great and have the talent to make it anyone’s series for the taking. How do you think it is going to end? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Pre-emptive CYA comments. Dodgers taking this, so he won’t “eat crow”. However, if they don’t, then I’d eat crow and Maddon will look great. Dodgers in 5.

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