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Dave Roberts Says Dodgers Roster ‘Not Constructed’ to Steal Bases, Andrew Friedman Disagrees

In the offseason, new rules were put in place by MLB to increase in-game action. More base hits, more stolen bases, more scoring. Some teams got the memo. The Dodgers might have missed one part of it.

Coming into Saturday’s game, LA has stolen just 11 bases in its first 27 games. Dodgers runners have been thrown out 4 times. By comparison, the Pittsburgh Pirates have swiped 37 bags, including 12 off LA this past week. That’s tops in baseball. The Dodgers are 26th on the stolen base list. Dave Roberts spoke with reporters about the lack of a running game out of LA.

“We just don’t have the guys who steal bases,” Doc said. “We’re just not constructed that way. That’s just the facts. “

Via OC Register

Under Dave Roberts, the Dodgers have never really been a prolific base stealing club.

Dodgers Stolen Base Totals Under Dave Roberts

  • 2022: 98 SBs, 9th in MLB
  • 2021: 65 SBs, 17th in MLB
  • 2020: 29 SBs, 12th in MLB
  • 2019: 57 SBs, t-21st in MLB
  • 2018: 75 SBs, 17th in MLB
  • 2017: 77 SBs, 18th in MLB
  • 2016: 45 SBs, 27th in MLB

That high total of 98 last season came with Trea Turner on the roster

“I just don’t like giving up outs or giving up bases,” Roberts added. “If there’s right opportunities to steal a base, we’ll do that. … But it’s just not part of our offense.”

Andrew Friedman doesn’t see things the same way as Roberts. The president of baseball ops believes there’s more on the plate for LA.

“I’d like to have more stolen bases. I haven’t dug into it. But I would like to have it be more. I think we have a number of guys that can pick spots and get to double digits. A lot of guys can do that. I don’t think we have a league-leader type.”

It’s easy to agree with both viewpoints here. The Dodgers definitely have the personnel to put a few more SBs on the ledger but it shouldn’t come at too high of a cost. In a way, the two are sort of agreeing with one another. By the end of the season, there will likely be a handful of guys with double digits in steals — the same as there has been over the last few seasons. But we’re talking more 10s and 12s than 15s and 20s.

The stolen base isn’t part of the game for the Dodgers, at least for now, but it is absolutely a part of the plan for their opponents. Opposing teams have swiped 38 extra bases off Dodger pitching.

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  1. It seems odd that Dave Roberts, who was coached in stealing bases by Manny Mota and who had a ton of speed, is not a manager who emphasizes bunting and stealing. I’d love to see more little ball. Maybe none are incredibly speedy (Maybe Vargas and Outman?), but we should do it more than we are.

  2. He was coached by the greatest base stealer Maury Wills….and was the base stealer that won a WS for Boston. But he chooses not to bunt or steal bases….we need new life in the Dodgers manager and winning philosophy. Home runs don’t always win games. Hits win games.

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