Dee Gordon, Miguel Rojas & Matt Kemp Thank Fans On Social Media

The Los Angeles Dodgers lineup and roster will look a bit different in 2015 after the moves made during the Winter Meetings and moves that will surely follow.

Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Dan Haren and Miguel Rojas all contributed to the NL West champions last season, and all find themselves with new teams. The Dodgers will see plenty of Kemp, 18 times to be exact, after his trade to the San Diego Padres. Meanwhile the rest will only be seen a handful of times with the Miami Marlins. Kemp and Gordon have spent their entire careers with the Dodgers, while Haren and Rojas have been around for a year and two years, respectively.

Regardless of how much time was spent with the organization, Rojas made his major-league debut with the Dodgers and took some time to thank them via his personal Twitter account:

Rojas played in 85 games in 2014, hitting just .181 but providing spectacular defense. He will be remembered most for his play at third base in Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter.

Gordon, who broke out in 2014 and made his first All-Star team, also had a message for the team and its’ fans via Twitter:

The 26-year-old led the league in stolen bases (64) and triples (12) last season, made the All-Star team and solidified himself as a second baseman after failing to make an impact at shortstop. He heads to Miami as the centerpiece of the deal and will become their starting second baseman.

Not to be forgotten, Kemp took to Instagram for his thank you to the fans:

Kemp has grown in the Dodger organization since he was drafted in 2003, reaching the big leagues as a 21-year-old in 2006. He became an All-Star and Gold Glove outfielder that was seemingly robbed of the MVP award in 2011. Injuries hampered the past few seasons, but he broke out once again in the second half of 2014, leading the Dodger offense. The last memory many Dodger fans will have of the 30-year-old is his game-winning home run in Game 2 of the NLDS.

Although his came one day later than the previously mentioned Dodgers, Tim Federowicz also thanked the Dodgers and fans:

Federowicz had been with the Dodgers since 2011 and spent most of his time in Triple-A. He played in 56 games during the 2013 season and 23 last year, and never made much of an impact at the Major-League level.

Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. i want to thank matt kemp for winning the bitch of the year award in 2014 .. whinning that he didn’t get enough playing time and being such a leader on this team that should have won it but could not get past matt carpenter again …god bless all dodger fans that lived in denial that this clown was juiced up during his glory days

  2. if he was a great player the dodgers would have not traded him to the padres .. it was very visual that he was completely juiced up .. hey matt kemp don’t worry about it I took them also back in the 80s

      1. you can see ? did you see me alfonso ? no you didn’t see me alfonso so your wisecrack don’t count pal

        1. I can see the damage, you make no sense, it’s almost as if the juicing you did, killed your brain cells. I am a Dodgers fan, and no I’m not frustrated. It’s a sport…for entertainment only. I’ll be dammed if I let being a fan get me frustrated in real life. Seems you’re just a troll. And I know trolls enjoy sitting in front of the computer instigating and spreading stupidity, so after this….you will respond…but I’m out! Have a nice life.

          1. that’s sad that your a jerk calling me a troll .. trolls are only in san diego not up here north … and I don’t hang out on the computer all day pal ..all I did was tell the truth about kemp …I will have a nice life but you wont rooting for those dodgers

    1. How can you accuse with no proof. I am sure he was tested and passed or he would have been in trouble. Better you keep your mouth shut then spread lies and falsehoods because your jealous you didn’t achieve what you wanted to in life.

      1. me jealous ? no jealousy involved here when I got eyes …I kept my mouth shut .. I typed in what I said …no lies spread here … you didn’t see after milky caberra got caught ( kemps buddy by the way ) the next year kemp came into the 2013 season skinny as a rail he must of lost like 40 lbs … sorry you live a lie .. its the reason why kemp has been injured on and off …his body broke down coming off the steroids … before you accuse me of spreading lies learn a little about the drug .. kemp had two good years .being on it. maybe your jealous that the dodgers spent all that money to try and buy a championship and the team you hate the giants have won three titles… lol the dodgers clinch the division vs the giants and the then the giants go on to win the world series with 7 out of 9 players from the farm system lmao HEY BUDDY I KNOW KEMP WAS ON IT… oops so did the dodgers they traded him to the padres … they are not afraid of him coming back to bite you guys in the ass

  3. hey dodger fans how does it feel to win the division against your well hated rival only to watch your hated rival win the world series ???? lmao … hanley Ramirez complete garbage .. a joke !!!!! you guys were all laughing in late july and the giants bitch slap ya at the end wow….. a hick from north Carolina that don’t care about money wins mvp baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys made fun of pence and the guy is a leader much more than any dodger .. you don’t belive me ask your manager .. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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