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Dodger Fan Profile: Pantone 294’s New York Takeover

The Los Angeles Dodgers season might not have ended in a fairytale, but the Boys in Blue managed to make a strong run in the postseason. During the regular season the Dodgers had numerous memorable moments from Vin Scully’s last game to having fans represent them well in New York.

Pantone 294 was the group that organized a trip that put 1,311 Dodger fans at Yankee Stadium. During the trip we met Rona Chavera, a member of Pantone 294, who recapped her experience in New York that captured the attention of the New York Times.

Dodgers Road Trip to Chicago is Set with Pantone 294

We caught up with Rona to chat about New York, what Pantone 294 means and their relationship with Dodger players.

New York was and is just one of many trips Pantone 294 did during the 2016 MLB season, and Rona talked about what was the best parts of these trips.

“There is so many reasons why I love the trips. The biggest thing is the group setting at another stadium. I have went to other games with friends, but when you are with hundreds of fans all cheering together, it feels just like home.

The players know were there. The home team fans know we are there. Everyone is excited and the cheering is out of control. You make new friends who become your family. And you can’t wait until the next trip. It is kid friendly and our fans our very respectful.”

Dodger fans can visit Pantone 294’s website to see how to get involved with future trips. It’s never to late to get started, although Rona got started early. Her very first trip was back in 2009.

“I have been on almost all them since 2009 … but I normally plan my vacations around their schedule.  My favorite so far was New York. We really made our mark there. Everyone was talking about us, besides having a blast it was awesome to be known as part of the group that was all over the news.”

“It’s exciting for people to come out on TV, and it feels so good when people say oh that was you at the game…we saw you. We all get so excited and text each other, showing all the posts/news we see. I love that everyone gets to see what it is really like being at the game in a large group setting.”

This year, this was Rona’s first trip to New York and along Pantone 294 paid respect to a great Dodgers legend.

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So what’s next?

“Our big trips next year are Chicago and Miami. I am trying to get to all the bus trips and our big trips this year. Just waiting on my vacations to be approved. Chicago is already booked and Pantone is taking deposits now.”

“Another great thing is you don’t have to have all your money up front … you can make payments. That’s a really good thing when you have a family and your trying to take them all. The other trips for this year are Arizona, San Francisco, Anaheim, San Diego and Colorado.”

With next years Dodgers-Cubs matchup being a rematch of the NLCS fans seem anxious to make their presence known at Wrigley Field in Chicago. So far Pantone 294 has sold out two planes.

Wherever Pantone 294 goes, Rona will make sure to be one of the fans in the crowd. She has been a Dodger fan since she can remember. She used to watch the games with her dad, but credits falling in love with the Boys in Blue when she visited Dodger Stadium. Also, listening to the legendary Vin Scully.

“I was at Scully’s last game in San Francisco. But saying goodbye to him here at Dodgers stadium will always be a very special day for me.  Before that happened, my favorite is Kershaws no hitter. First time I witnessed a no hitter, and it was amazing.”

As the Boys in Blue enjoy their offseason, we await the start of a new season, a race for the NL West title and World Series glory. Fans will continue to cheer, travel to away games and Win 4 Vin!

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