Dodgers Social: Pantone 294 Takes Over Yankee Stadium

The Dodgers were able to take the first game of the series with the Yankees thanks to a great outing by Jose De Leon and homers from Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner; however, neither of these were the highlights of Monday’s game. The boys in blue were not alone in New York thanks to Pantone 294.

Pantone 294 is a Dodgers social club open to anybody that travels to several away games throughout the year. Dodgers Nation joined Pantone 294 in this year’s New York trip and we made our presence known! Players and members of the media took notice of our presence in the stands and shared the love on social media. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 5 Plays of the Week!


If you haven’t been on a trip with the Pantone 294 crew, then that needs to change immediately. They take care of everything for you and even host a variety of activities outside of the game itself. Thank you, Pantone 294, for letting the world know that us Dodger fans mean business!

Dodgers Social: Rookies Dress Up As Cheerleaders

Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus. Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation. Lifelong Dodgers fan.


  1. I was listening to the game on radio asnd Steiner and Monday had no clue who you all were, but they sure talked about your showing.

  2. Love all the dodger people showing up in NY, OMG….very special, my only hope is to give LA and most of all Vinny as world series championship on his final year, my favorite Dodger……GO Blue

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