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Vin Scully’s Final Game Took Center Stage in Dodgers Series Finale vs. Giants

One could imagine that despite the Los Angeles Dodger getting swept by the San Francisco Giants, not too many fans are upset. The Dodgers clinched the National League West on Sept. 25 and punched their ticket to the postseason. So with a playoff spot already sewn up the attention can fully turn to Vin Scully’s final game.

Scully, who grew up a huge Giants fan, stepped in the booth to call his last game on October 2, 2016. A date that will forever be cemented in Dodgers-Giants history. He also witnessed his childhood team punch their ticket to qualify for a wild card game after they defeated the Dodgers 7-1.

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Scully, as he often did, told a story during his final game about a time 80 years ago to the day of when he says he fell in love with the game of baseball.

“Exactly 80 years to the minute from that day I looked at the line score of the World Series. So when I looked at the schedule and knew I was going to retire, I thought I have to do that game. It was as if it was ordained for me to do this game.”

Vin Scully

Deservingly so, Scully received a outpour of thank you’s and even had fans and organizations shedding tears.

The support didn’t stop there as the entire city of Los Angeles took time to acknowledge one of its iconic figures.

In his final broadcast Scully spent time with his favorite player Willie Mays and sang “Take me out to the ball game”

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Inching closer to the end of the game Scully had some words of encouragement to fans.

And as the top of the 9th came to a close in just five seconds, Scully put a cap on a historic 67-year career in the broadcast booth.

After his final sendoff, many people wiped their tears and turned the television channel. But thanks to the Dodgers, fans can savor a few more Scully moments.

On a day when Vin received so much recognition, he was still sure to leave fans with one more note.

And after 67 years of service, the Dodgers will look to continue to embark on a journey to capture a World Series without the voice of Los Angeles.

So for one last time, farewell Vin and thank you. We love you!

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