Dodger Stadium: 100 Mind-Blowing Secrets & Facts Every Fan Needs to Know

Dodger Stadium is easily one of the most historic parks in all of baseball. Every Dodgers fan knows that when you’re at the Ravine, it’s like nothing in all of sports. It’s really hard to even describe it to someone who has never been there before. That’s why we think every baseball fan should make the trip out at least once.

But because of the age of the stadium, there have been so many incredible moments and oddities there. For instance, did you know that Dodger Stadium was visited by the pope at one point? Or do you know about the famous/hidden Japanese gardens?

Well, now is your chance to learn alllllllll about the secrets that Dodger Stadium holds. And they’re pretty cool if we do say so ourselves.

Other Dodgers News

Dave Roberts surprised every Dodgers fan by letting Tyler Anderson go crazy with his pitch count. But with the way he was throwing and the no-hitter intact, there was no way he was pulling him. Especially after the backlash from when he pulled Clayton Kershaw during his perfect game in Minnesota. And fans appreciated Doc changing it up.

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