Dodger Stadium Safety: The Unwritten Rules Fans Should Know

Over the last few years there have been some issues at Dodger stadium that have caused some safety concerns for fans. First off, this article is what fans — all fans — can do to stay safe. We have no control over what other people do and there are an unfortunate few people out there who don’t care about you or your safety.

These tips apply at all stadiums as well. We’ll step through a day-in-the-life of a fan going to a game at Dodger Stadium and steps that fan can take. Dodgers Nation asked for your thoughts on this topic so check out the comments below if you have some great tips for fans or want the latest after this article has been posted.

Dodger Stadium Parking

It is highly recommended you get to the ballpark early to allow you to get a better parking spot. The closer to the stadium you get the faster you can ultimately end up back in your car.

Moreover, look for lighting and paths where people are walking. When you park the lights will not be on so look for the light posts. You also need to know what entrance and exit you will use. Based on your ticket there are certain gates you need to enter.

Pro tip: If you have a way to mark where you parked via an application on your phone, do it.

Also, note any markers like a sign you are close to. While walking to the front gates keep aware of some crazy drivers. The later you go the worse they get as folks are in panic mode about getting into the game.

Drink Responsibly and Be Smart Around Drunks

This is the big one. Undoubtedly baseball games are a welcome treat, and opportunity to get out of the house and have a good time. Just don’t have too good of a time.

Generally, it’s best practice to have a good time but also remember the experience. Looking out for your friends and family before they reach that point is also something you can do to help.


Getting drunk at the ballpark will lower your inhibitions and may cause you to do something stupid. Know your limits. If you can’t feel your face, you’ve had too much. You may as well just stay in your seat and mellow out.

You cannot control some other person getting drunk but you can stop yourself. When people are drunk they are not themselves but not all behave the same way.

If there is someone behaving in a violent way you should call security, do not engage on your own. Stadium security can be reached at 323-224-2611. Additionally, you can text “LADFAN [plus your issue and seat location]” to 69050. An example message may look something like this, “LADFAN: there is someone getting violent in section 51 of the field level.”

Biggest tip is to just stay away from them if possible and stay sober yourself. It’s basic street smarts and making sure you don’t engage with those are drunk, especially those fans of opposing teams who are talking a lot of trash and just looking for trouble as well.

Trash Talking

If you go to a game there will be trash talking and if you choose to participate in it I hope you have a thick skin. If you decide to go after another fan and make it personal, well, good luck. If you are thin-skinned it is much better to stay out of it.

There’s a difference between playful trash talking, and trash talking to get a rise out of someone. Baseball games are a fine outlet for trash talking of the playful variety, but don’t let it escalate. See above about the inebriated person that likely is not in their best mind to handle even playful trash talking.

If you are a fan of the visiting team you can usually wear your team’s gear without incident. However, if you decide to get loud and obnoxious you will draw attention to yourself, including the people who are drunk.

At this point, you will probably also draw the attention of security and they may ask you to leave. Just ask yourself if it is really worth it to attract that type of attention.

To be honest, if you are a fan of the visiting team, stay out of the Left Field Pavilion.

Let’s Talk Kids

There are a ton of kids at all the games. Some of them might be going to Dodger Stadium for the first time. Do you remember going to Dodger Stadium for the first time as a kid? If you really want to tick people off, go ahead and step in front of that kid for an autograph or for a foul ball.

I’m not saying don’t get autographs or foul balls, just consider how you might look when someone captures you on camera being “that guy.” Think about the kids safety and well-being to make sure they stay a baseball fan for life. Don’t be that guy who ruins baseball for them forever.

Walking Back To Your Car

First and foremost, the phone signals are horrendous in the parking lot. Make sure you have all the information on your phone, from the internet, that you need is loaded up before heading out to the parking lot.

Leave the stadium at an exit that is closest to your car. If you’ve marked where your car is on your phone or noted any markers it should be simpler to find your car.

Travel with big groups out to your car.

If you have gear for an opposing team I highly recommend putting away, especially if the Dodgers lose.

Again, stay away from the drunks and make sure to stay in the big group and in the light.

Note where security is as you are walking back to your car.

Sometimes, there are belligerent drivers who are going to be aggressive in the parking lot. Just assume that the drivers cannot see you as you walk through the cars.

Driving Out

As you are driving out of the parking lot your GPS will probably not work. Again, plan your route before leaving the stadium. This is the best time to drive defensively and to follow instructions of the people directing traffic. It is also a great time to be patient and tune in to Dodgers Nation Post-Game shows when they’re airing on your favorite social media networks.

Final Thoughts

Staying safe at Dodger Stadium (or any stadium) does require something from you. Staying sober and behaving appropriately will work most of the time. You cannot control others but you might be able to control who is around you.

Look for warning signs and keep the security information handy:

  • 323-224-2611
  • Text 69050 using keyword LADFAN.

Going to a baseball game is a wonderful experience and, most of the time, very safe. Do what you can to keep yourself safe and let’s all help each other let the world know that Dodger fans and Dodger Stadium are the best in the world!


Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


  1. Good Tips here. I have been attending Dodger Games at Dodger Stadium for over 30 years and the vitriol has certainly increased as Social Media has become more popular. For me, it comes down to respect. Respect for each other goes a long ways. The horrible incidents that have occurred in both cases stemming from “trash talking” in the stadium that led to assaults outside the stadium. Let’s make sure we respect each other as human beings, people that love their teams and even when our beloved Dodgers lose, we still respect fans from other teams, even when they are doing nothing to deserve the respect. When opposing fans are talking trash, just smile and realize, they have the problem, not you. Smiling is the best response possible as they try to bait you into doing something regrettable, over a baseball game or team.

  2. When you’re a 30 year old male, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and especially when you’re ego is challenged. Remember why you came to the game and how you want to get home safely, and things will work out. Even when you’re right, it is best to just “be wrong” for the moment and let it go. The again, that requires a sober mind. Sometimes you’re not only dealing with the effects of alcohol and an insecure man, you’re dealing with a culture that has not yet matured beyond savagery.

    1. An incredibly wise comment and sums up the culture at the stadium just right. You know it’s crazy when Dodger fans fight each other, nevermind how they would actually treat opposing fans. Regardless of who you support, just practice good manners and common sense. If you’re supporting the away team, some Dodger fans will provoke you. It’s a reflection of how pathetic some of the lives of these people are that they would verbally or physically go after someone for such a trivial thing but it happens more at Dodger Stadium than anywhere else in my experience.

  3. i have found that getting to the ball park early can often get you in a worse parking spot according to which gate you enter.
    Some of the lots they seem to load from the back and they seem to get a certain amount of joy sending the early arrivers
    as far back from the stadium as possible. be warned

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