Dodgers 2022 Highlights: Freddie Freeman Finds Great Success With Los Angeles

Fresh off a World Series title, Freddie Freeman entered one of the most uncertain points in his career last winter. The Braves had signed a new first baseman and the Dodgers were the ones that came knocking on Freddie’s door.

Then in March, the All-Star first baseman found himself at Camelback Ranch repping the Dodger Blue. Representing anyone but the Braves was a foreign idea to Freeman who played for Atlanta for the first 12 years of his major league career. But the time had come for him to finally return home to Los Angeles.

The thirty-two-year-old signed a six-year, $162-million deal this past spring and the rest was history.

The MLB put together a video highlighting Freddie Freeman’s first year sporting the Dodger Blue and I promise it’s worth the watch:

Ultimately, the six-time All-Star and the three-time Silver Slugger has found that same success that he once had in Atlanta, out west in Los Angeles. In his first season with the Dodgers, Freeman led the NL in runs, hits, doubles, and OBP. In 2022, his batting average was second in the league at .325, with 21 home runs and 100 RBI.

Not bad. But that can be expected from a guy who was just recently crowned a World Series Champion in 2021.

Now although the Dodgers ultimately fell short of their goal for a 2022 World Series ring, they can be expected to be in the hunt yet again this upcoming season. And despite one part of the power trio gone, Freeman and Mookie Betts will return to LA alongside Dodger legend, Clayton Kershaw for the 2023 season.

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