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Dodgers: 2022 Spring Training Tickets Are Now On Sale, Dates, Details, and More

Monday it was announced that Dodgers spring training tickets are now available for purchase at Camelback Ranch.

Camelback Ranch is officially the Dodgers and White Sox spring training camp. The Dodgers have been using it as their spring training facility since 2009. So far the tickets range anywhere in the range of $15 to $62. This is obviously subject to change, as are a few other salient details…

Is There Going To Be Spring Training?

Well, that question is certainly the elephant in the room. MLB is currently at a pause with players and owners locked in a stalemate over the CBA. People are postulating how this could end, but in reality, nobody knows how or where this lockout will end. Wishful thinking would hope that the owners will not want another shortened season cutting into their revenue, and the players want to play, so the season will start on time.

Realistically and historically, these disputes do not end until one part has its hand forced. The last time this happened in MLB, Judge Sotomayor ruled in favor of the players. An injunction was issued against the owners, ordering them to restore free agency and arbitration while a new collective-bargaining agreement was negotiated. This was of course before she was a supreme court justice. All this to say, these disputes tend to end ugly.

Camelback Ranch Is Fun

Dodger fans who have attended spring training games at Camelback Ranch know it’s a great experience. Here is to hoping that MLB and the MLBPA can come to an equitable agreement and make this happen in 2022.

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  1. Between the owners and the players the fans are fed up with all the money these cry babies make. We just want to see baseball. Both sides are millionaires and most fans will never see that kind of money in many lifetimes! More fans would go to games if the price was more reasonable including the food. Wake up!

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