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Dodgers: 8 Game Suspension From 2020 Still Not Sitting Right With Joe Kelly

Dodgers fans will never forget that game in 2020 against the Astros. With so much tension between the 2 teams following a cheating scandal, it felt like something was bound to happen. And boy, did something ever happen.

Joe Kelly threw a ball close to Carlos Correa before striking him out to end the threat. But the face that he made at him following the punchout apparently was the reason benches cleared, at least that’s how MLB saw it. The Dodgers pitcher ended up with an 8-game suspension for that incident. 

Apparently, he’s not quite over that. The former Dodgers pitcher spoke about a 1-game suspension that Yankees’ third baseman Josh Donaldson received this week from MLB. That came after Donaldson referred to Kelly’s teammate Tim Anderson as Jackie on the field. 

Obviously, the situation with Donaldson and Anderson is much different. But the 8-game ban was terrible timing for Dodgers fans, given the fact that the Astros players didn’t receive a suspension for their part in the cheating scandal. 

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  1. Kelly’s suspension for simply making a face to an Astro, a team THAT ADMITTED CHEATING vs. Donaldson’s racial name calling is just ANOTHER example of the pathetic Commissioner presiding over MLB. But it’ll not change because owners do not want anyone who does things properly that might interfere with making yet more money.

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