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Dodgers: A Trade For Corey Kluber Is On Life Support

The good news: the Los Angeles Dodgers are one of two teams still circling Corey Kluber in a trade. However, the bad news is that chances of this deal happening are on life support.

Jon Morosi writes at that the possibility of the Dodgers (or Brewers) trading for Kluber are ‘less likely by the day’.

Here is what Morosi says in terms of the action quote:

While a Kluber trade remains possible, sources say the chances are diminishing by the day. It is now more likely than not that Kluber will remain with Cleveland as the new season begins.

Now, that’s no surprise. At the beginning of January, similar reports broke that hopes were diminishing. However, what keeps things in the works and an ever-so-slight possibility? The Indians have a need, and the Dodgers contain that asset.

However, the possibility of a Kluber trade can’t be dismissed until the Indians make separate moves to address their shortage of outfield depth. Industry sources have expected the Indians to obtain an outfielder in any Kluber deal, such as the Dodgers’ Alex Verdugo.

For now, the Indians’ projected starting outfield is some combination of Jordan Luplow, Tyler Naquin, Leonys Martin and Greg Allen.

Yowza, look at that Indians outfield! Surely, Alex Verdugo would shine that up like a man in a new suit. The Dodgers would likely need to add some capital to that package to make it happen – and therein lies the difficulty in getting this done.

With pitchers and catchers due to report soon, this deal is definitely long odds of occurring. That said, it’s still important to keep a pulse on the word that is circulating amongst various insiders within the industry. Big things like this can come together (or fall apart) very quickly.

To add a footnote on the good news that I opened this post with – the Dodgers have one of the deepest rotations in baseball – with or without Corey Kluber.

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  1. Many may not agree with me here but if Verdugo is one of the players that can actually get a deal done for Kluber or Realmuto, then I say with the OF we do have, send him on his way to either team.

  2. Since they were out to get rid of him anyway, why didn’t the Dodgers ship Puig, et al, to Cleveland for Kluber?

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