Dodgers Acquire Mike Bolsinger From Diamondbacks

Mike Bolsinger

The Los Angeles Dodgers have yet to make a splashy move in free agency unless you take into account their front office additions, but they continue tinkering with the roster.

Two days after acquiring Joel Peralta and Adam Liberatore from the Tampa Bay Rays, the Dodgers announced they traded for right-hander Mike Bolsinger from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for cash considerations.

Along with acquiring Bolsinger, the Dodgers designated lefty Jarret Martin for assignment. Martin was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 19th round of the 2008 draft, but has been with the Dodgers since 2012.

Bolsinger appeared in 10 games last season, making nine starts, and finished with a 1-6 record and 5.50 ERA. He was recently designated for assignment when the Diamondbacks added four players to their roster.

During Bolsinger’s time in the Minors last season, he went 8-3 with a 3.93 ERA in 17 games — 16 of which were starts. One of the right-hander’s starts last season was against the Dodgers when he allowed seven runs (six earned) on seven hits in four innings.

While the Dodgers continue to fill out the holes in the organization, many are still awaiting the big splash this offseason. They’ve been reported as being interested in trading one of their many outfielders and Matt Kemp has drawn strong interest.

Aside from needing to come to a resolution in the outfield, the Dodgers also have a hole at shortstop. There have been conflicting reports about their interest in potentially re-signing Hanley Ramirez and the Dodgers have also been linked to Alexei Ramirez.

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    1. AAA fodder,,,not much chance he comes to LA…Purely a depth in the pitching move

    1. The game today vs SUC was the easiest win yet against the Rubbers. SUCkers don’t wanna talk about it, but Mora & the Bruins own Sarkisian, which any real fan would know from his days at Washington. One year ago before annihilating SC, Ucla kicked the bleep out of Sark’s last Washington team, pouring 44 on him/them. I was disappointed Mora put Ucla in 1st gear once it was clear they could have put 60 on the board against the junk SC has become, and with Sark & Haden at the helm, we and SC both should come to expect another decade of easy Bruin dominance.

  1. This “news’ is garbage. Is there no editorial comment? This Bolsinger “addition” adfds nothing. He’s just another body to fill innings during spring training. No way slop like him sticks. Peralta probably will not make the club either, yet you couldn’t tell that by this site. Is this site just a feeble imitation of dodgers.com?

  2. Well this looks like a trade that is to fill Okie City’s P rotation…..ok in AAA, but garbage in the bigs…I saw that start he made against the Dodgers…they hammered him

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