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Dodgers Acquire Mookie Betts, David Price from Boston Red Sox

THEY DID IT. The Dodgers have reportedly acquired superstar outfielder Mookie Betts and left-handed starting pitcher David Price from the Boston Red Sox, according to Jeff Passan of ESPN.

While this story is still developing, the Dodgers have finally struck to get him and they have silence all doubts. We do not know what prospects are involved in the deal at this juncture, but it appears to be entirely done pending physicals. Mookie Betts will in fact be a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020 and so will David Price.

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Mookie Betts has made the Dodgers go from National League favorites to potential World Series favorites. David Price is also a very solid pitcher and the Dodgers will be lucky to have him.

We will update with full details as we receive them in terms of prospects and money involved within the trade.

According to Ken Rosenthal, there is a third team involved. According to Alex Speier of The Boston Globe, Alex Verdugo will be heading to Boston.


Pitcher Kenta Maeda was part of the deal with the third team, who turned out to be the Minnesota Twins. Maeda is going the Twins in exchange for highly touted pitching prospect Brusdar Graterol, who was sent along with Verdugo to Boston for Betts and Price.

More still developing as this story becomes official.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Very foolish trade and I only say that because they know and we all know that they will never sign Betts to a 12 year 420 million contract. So when they inevitably fall short again this October we’ll have lost Verdugo for nothing and Betts will be gone

    1. Inevitably fall short again? Not re-sign Betts? Are you sure you’re a Dodger fan? You people owe Andrew Friedman a huge apology. Not only did he reel in Betts, but he did so while trading only Verdugo among the young studs. Boston paying half of Price’s deal, which means he comes on board at $16M per year. He needed a second prospect to send to Boston, so sends Maeda to Minnesota to get that player. Clears up the OF logjam by trading FA-to-be Pederson to the Angels for a talented 22-year-old middle infielder. Hands onto May, Gonsolin, Gray, Ruiz, Lux, Downs. Major League team and organization still brimming with talent.

      SP candidates: Buehler, Kershaw, Price, Wood, Nelson, Urias, Stripling, May, Gonsolin, Ferguson.
      Bullpen: Jansen, Kelly, Treinen, Baez, Kolarek, Floro, Alexander, guys who don’t crack the rotation.
      That is 17 guys vying for 12 or 13 spots with Gray waiting in the wings.

      C: Smith, Barnes
      IF: Muncy, Lux, Seager, Turner, Hernandez, Taylor, Rengifo, Rios
      OF: Pollock, Betts, Bellinger, Beaty.

      Still a loaded farm system. Incredible.

      1. 12 year 420 million is not happening pal. We just lost a future great hitter in Verdugo for one year of Betts and yes they will still fall short

        1. I agree with CATO . . . . . losing Verdugo, then Pederson (for basically a minor leaguer), and including Andy Pages in the deal?! Perhaps a good deal if Betts were already under contract for 3-6 more years . . . . . BAD DEAL!

          1. To me, the Angels trade is the head scratcher. I was looking forward to the LF platoon of Pederson/Pollock, but now what? Pollock/ Beatty? The trade is not complete yet so I have to reserve final judgement, but for all intensive purposes, it looks like we dumped Pederson for the money with hardly a return. I think Strip will be going to Orange County with Joc and maybe another minor leaguer. Sure hope our team gets something in return for those fellas. Jury is still out.


          What are you guys smoking because I want some.

        3. I admit, Verdugo was a painful loss, especially if it ends up with Betts in Dodger blue for only one year. I was a big Verdugo advocate and fan until the 23 year old came down with some mystery, serious back injury and abandoned the team down the stretch run last year. When you get your chance in the bigs at 23, you don’t go down with a severe back injury. Verdugo made himself expendable. Sorry to see him go, but Betts is a massive upgrade.

      2. Mookie will be on the Phillies next year so unless the Dodgers win it all this year they made a bigly mistake

        1. I live 45 minutes outside Philly. Betts will not be coming here. Taylor-made to be a Dodger. If you take joy in a team that’s won 302 teams in three years, and just acquired one of the five best players in the game, then you must really hate your life.

      3. There’s plenty of people that owe apologies, especially on this site. This site is filled with the most ungrateful Dodger “fans” around. Here’s to another step getting closer to that ring!

        1. These people are fans of the ring, not the team. Let them go root for the KC Royals and their 2015 title. Me? I’ll gladly take a team that is in the hunt every year. This era is the best time to be a Dodger fan. If these people can’t enjoy this team, I don’t know what to say.

          1. I’m going to be The first to apologize. I didn’t think Friedman had the wherewithal to Still MOOKIE from the Bo Socks. I tip my Hat for making the Steal of the CENTURY. THUS MOVE IS GREAT NOW IT GIVES THE DODGERS a chance to work on keeping HIM for the long haul. JOB well done. IF he can get rid of Joe Kelly and now he also has to continue to work on the future of the bullpen.

        2. Says the guy who calls himself “FireDaveRoberts” Ah, sure buddy, you tell em

          1. FireDaveRoberts is my puppet I knew he’d be one of the couple to freak out over my post. He’s been on my d*ck ever since

      4. Price takes Maeda’s spot. Hmmm. That is livable at 16 mil per. And he has a higher upside when healthy. Hate to see Joc go. But Betts for Verdugo and Joc could be a problem except for one thing. Verdugo had back problems. Back problems never go away. He could miss half a year or play a whole year his entire career. And both go to the AL. This has one more intangible. We now have a stacked deck in our corner on signing Betts long term. And we kept our top line prospects.

      5. I will be surprised if Friedman re- signs Betz. If he can get that done, then great trade. If he doesn’t, Dodgers have a one year rental and a left handed pitcher in the twilight of his career. Oh… and we lose verdugo for nothing.

    2. Figured the troll himself (NODH or now your new troll name) or Kirk Lyons would be the first to complain about something. The leaders of the FHC. (Friedman Hater Crew) All you guys do is whine that Friedman does nothing and now he does. You still whine. Where’s your co-captain?

      1. Oh you’re a genius I wasn’t even trying to hide it I made it known who I was the first day I started using my real name. Why don’t you go have a circle jerk with your old codger sugar daddy

        1. Ahhh yes. Good form. I would expect nothing less from you. Get your troll line ready for the end of the year heading that reads,”Dodgers 2020 World Champions!” Pretty sad how quiet the rest of your crew is tonight. At least you’re representing.

          1. Lmao you’re as delusional as ever typical dodger fan. You say the same thing every year how they’re going to be World Series champs when everyone else who lives in reality and thinks with their head not heart can see it will not happen. Can’t wait to see what you’ll say when they’re eliminated and then again when Betts bails. My guess is you’ll be mysteriously absent for awhile

  2. Verdugo to Boston, Meada to Minnesota, and a top P prospect from Minn to Boston.

    So, Verdugo and Maeda for Betts and Price.

    Also, Peterson to Angels for some middle infielder named Luis Rengifo.

    MLB Network says more trade(s) coming!

  3. Hahahaha Friedman is a dang genius we just got Betts and Price for one player really. Maeda was a glorified 4th-5th starter

    1. Yep, some people love to complain. Friedman did an outstanding job here. Pays to be patient. There is no downside for the Dodgers. I hope Friedman is calling the shots for a long time. Padres trying to palm Myers off on Boston was dumb. Still a tom of SP options for the Dodgers. Great situation.

      Happy camper here. I’ll be making the coast-to-coast flight for a long homestand.

  4. Rengifo???? What is that?

    Dodgers gave up a lot in the way of MLB players: (1) Verdugo; (2) Maeda; (3) Joc. That is a lot to give up.

  5. This lineup should not be platooned at all now. No excuses. Keep Taylor and Hernandez and Barnes on the bench unless Taylor or Hernandez are replacing Pollock. This should be the lineup every night barring injuries and off days


    1. Players need rest. With today’s short benches, there is no reason for any player to not play. And don’t forget about Beaty’s bat in that LF mix, and Rengifo as a utility man. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hernandez was dealt, maybe for a bullpen arm. Many Dodger fans underrate what Hernandez and Taylor bring to the table. Both would be starters for most teams, including playoff teams.

      1. Yes when players need rest they should play but they are too one dimensional for my liking

      2. No one is going anywhere until at least the trade deadline. And even then I doubt they trade Hernandez or Taylor, the best 1-2 bench combo in the NL. If they wanted a young arm they could have kept Brusdar Gratero, as he was 7-0 at three levels in the Twins minors with a 1.92 ERA. But in essence they needed him to offset Price, who will be death as a pitcher in the NL especially against right handers with that down and away hard slider/splitter. Hate to see Maeda and Joc go but they will have their opportunitties with the Angels and the Twins.

      1. To get good you have to give up good. And with Verdugo’s back issues this may be a sleight of hand by the Dodgers on the Red Sox. We keep all our top prospects and lose one decent 2nd year player who may have a bad back for a long time. Who would you have rather kept: Verdugo or Lux. Plus we get Price for what amounts to 16 million a year for three years and we stay under the cap too. Like I said, I didn’t like losing Maeda but thats life and he wanted to start, not relieve. So this gives him what he wants. It a win for the Dodgers in highway robbery of the Red Sox!

  6. I am in shock! The Dodgers for the 1 st time since Friedman came here took care of 3 weaknesses with one big move.!Price is the legit #3 starter, Betts fills the lead off spot, and the right handed bat! Pederson was never going to be a big time player, and I will not miss his wiffle ball arm or slow base running! Friedman only gave up prospect Verdugo, and with that core injury, is not a trust worthy player to keep. Will miss Maeda, reliable, was a great Dodger. I will eat as much crow as I can because Friedman surprised me, and I told the wife to book a few games!!l I don’t mind spending my money if the team spends and shows me they” re going all out!!! Who knows what Betts will do, but right now, this year, I feel Friedman just answered my wishes! I’ll see you gentleman at Chavez!!!! Go Dodgers!!!

    1. Lol Don Cato, think Kirk changed his name and someone took over or you lost your co captain!
      All joking aside. I think we’re all glad to share in the excitement. This is pretty crazy how it went down. Great post, and here’s to an awesome season!

      1. Dave, Don has his opinion and unfortunately until this team finally gets over the hump, he has the right to dispute it! I personally want this team to start acting as this season is the last, play, trade,buy whatever is needed to win it all! Do I think adding Price and Betts wins them a series? I can honestly say it is possible! Before this trade? No way!! Plus Friedman just broke loose from his platoon no spend, all rookie money ball dimentia! Friedman just made a Ned Colleti trade! I’m in again, all I asked as a fan was for them to be all in!! Now one big move at the trade deadline, and we can win it!! Go Dodgers!

        1. Kirk, I actually think our chances are way higher now for this season and I’m happy for this year. my only concern is that they won’t be serious in retaining him so if they fail this year it’ll kind of be a shame. I just decided to double down because a couple people took such offense to my post haha

          1. I hear ya Don. I’m not saying they can or can’t win now. By downloading regular season players, and adding 2 big time players that fill 3 weaknesses, they are now a legitimate threat to win! Let’s hope they come up with one more Machado type player before the deadline. Remember different pitching coach may just turn one of these rookie starters into a beast! I think if somehow this team could learn to win in spite of Roberts and metric insanity, and win the series, Betts would accept a more fitting deal to stay.

    2. This team could win the world series. Betts is the right handed hitter the Dodgers needed immediately, plus the speed leadoff guy they have needed forever. His 12 yr $420M demands after this year will not be met by any team. He’ll learn that that in due time. Even if he drops it down to $300M, the Dodgers will be reluctant because of Bellinger’s future salary demands. So I’m looking at this as a one year strong shot at winning it all. If Betts could be extended, it would be icing on the cake. Price is not the stud 3 guy of choice. But he is competitive. And the starting rotation is once again deep, if not great. The Dodgers will be fun to watch this year with a strong rookie and veteran mix that could win it all. I almost hope there aren’t any more big moves, because I think they have what they need now. They just have to do it.

    3. Kirk … Good stand up post. I’m guessing our proposed bet for the under/over at 92 wins is now off. Vegas just moved the line from 98.5 to 100.5 after the trade.
      Should be an enjoyable year of baseball and if any of kids (Urias, May, or Gonsolin) shows, we just may have a real shot.

      1. Bum, hey I did mention as currently constructed back before the shake up! And yes I’m now agreeing that they’ll win more than 90! Just the move the team needed to make!! I’m a realist, I was being honest all along, mocking their idealism! Friedman just did something out of his habitual norm! I gained a lot of faith and respect him for listening to his base! I think the fans and writers deserve a lot of credit for this move! Who knows, Kobe got into his thoughts? Thanks for the compliment, you have been here long enough to know I truly am a Dodger for life, was just fed up with the losing money ball approach!!

  7. If they don’t win it all now they never will. The pressure is at an all time high this year. Better do it

    1. Disagree.
      Ton of money coming off the books next year, still plenty of depth, and still an awesome farm system. No worries!

  8. Bad trade
    We needed pitching not another outfielder/ Rental

    Sp buehler ( Legit number one ) Kershaw #3 price a 4 or 5 and wood a # 5…
    Lost meada proven post season arm…
    Verdugo might end up being a tad bit under Mookie but cheap and controllable for years
    And joc is gone as well….
    Don’t get it…
    It was like let’s get a trade done for the sake of getting a trade done. This is bad for the Dodgers as we lost 3 talented players for a Rental. I just hope Luis Rengifo is worth something.

    I wish we would have traded Andrew Friedman for Luis Rengifo not Joc.
    So Andrew Friedman got us a Rental instead of a long term acquisition and got Rid of Verdugo?

    1. These fans don’t get it they actually think the Dodgers will sign Betts. When they fall short in the playoffs this year Betts will be gone and they won’t have Verdugo. All they did was make sure this October failure is even more embarrassing and costly than previous ones

    2. Don Cato, a new co captain has emerged!
      Congrats buddy!
      You need to take another look at the new opening day line up and remember you can still trade until the all star break. Starting pitching isn’t post season ready as of now, but who knows how the rest of the starters you forgot to type will do. Urias, May, Gonslin, Stripling, wild card Nelson, and Gray on deck
      Stop sippin on the hatorade and get on board!

      1. You still got nothing to say about Betts leaving after one year because you know tightwad will never sign him.

      2. Betts will be gone, Price is washed up and Verdugo will have a great career you wait and see. Also watch Betts and his doubles and homeruns disappear without his little league park and possible cheating, oh and how did you like that .174 World Series average? I think we had plenty of those types already lol

  9. I think this was a great trade!!!
    – cleared outfield log jam
    – balances out the lineup more. Too lefty heavy
    – price basically replaces maeda
    – we kept farm system in tact
    – traded away a disgruntled Maeda

    1. I’m going to be The first to apologize. I didn’t think Friedman had the wherewithal to Steal MOOKIE from the Bo Socks. I tip my Hat for making the Steal of the CENTURY. THIS MOVE IS GREAT NOW IT GIVES THE DODGERS a chance to work on keeping HIM for the long haul. JOB well done. IF he can get rid of Joe Kelly and now he also has to continue to work on the future of the bullpen. I laughed at this IDIOT NAMED DON CASTRO. MAKING STUPID REMARKS. THIS IS A GREAT TRADE. I REMEMBERED YOU WERE TALKING S*** ABOUT FRIEDMAN NOT MAKING TRADES. NOW HE’S AQUIRED A PREMIER PLAYER AND YOUR STILL HIGH ON STUPID PILLS. GO TO REHAB AND GET A LIFE

  10. I’d love to think this one trade solves all of are problems.
    But we needed a Co-Ace or something close to it and a corner infielder someone to allow JT to stay healthy and move to 1st base.
    We are still set up for a great run in 2020 with or without betts. I like the right handed Bat..
    That is about it.
    If betts was contracted for 2 to 3 more seasons I would be kissing Andrew’s ass right now. Let’s look at who we lost for a 1 year Rental.
    Meada 1.50 ERA as a reliever the last three postseasons) one of our most reliable bull pen pitchers plus a good starter Regular season.
    Joc I dont miss the strikeouts but 36 Hrs
    Betts (I could be wrong without looking up stats) but seems like betts highest total HRs in the homerun hitting friendly confines of Yankees stadium, Camden, and Fenway was like 31 in a season? This stat isn’t then end all be all. Betts batting average is higher .318 I believe. His glove is sensational he is an all around player. Don’t get me wrong if he was going to be around in a few years I would be over the moon.
    Lost Verdugo a young stud with a flair for the dramatic, clutch when he needed to be and always pumped up this Dodgers team. not to mention he will not require 400mil to play in the outfield any time soon.
    I feel like the only way we have a chance to sign betts long term is 1st we win a world series championship and he also wants to play here afterwards so he comes down on his offer.
    Those things are both long shots with the teams the Yankmees and Nats have put together along with Betts astronomical price tag.
    I feel like we gave up too much on a Rental.
    I see the rotation having the biggest ??? Not for the season but for a 7 game postseason series.
    I will always root for this team to win a WS I have ever since 1979. I know games are not played on paper but I feel like there were bigger holes to fill and it wasn’t in our outfield.
    I would love to eat a big slice of humble pie because that would mean I am wrong and we will finally win that elusive ring, but i just don’t see this trade being what put this team in the driver’s seat.
    I have no doubt that this team will compete. Even before this trade. We need a dominant co ace or 2 SP. And a few Big arms in the BP.

    why did we dump joc with out getting back much for him should have been an arm. (I know it was to get under Andrews beloved luxury tax but forget that for this season and just get the team on the field that makes sence)
    This is the first spring training where I have NOT said this team is going to win a WS this year. Feels weird but I can’t shake this feeling that the front of our rotation will be good for the season and somewhat of a liability in a 7 game series. Our bull pen has already shown we need help.
    If we got this deal done for AJ in would have called Andy a miracle worker but you have to give talent to get talent.
    I wished this front office would have used its financial muscles to buy what we needed while keeping the younger talent like Verdugo.
    I wanted to see that guy with a Dodgers uniform on for as long as possible.
    I hope this team will win one for kersh and JT and every Dodger player who Deserved a ring but never got one. As of right now there is still a need that can only be filled by trading away more young tallent and worry about some stupid lux tax…

    1. Blue … We’ll all miss Dugie but Betts will sure help us get over it this summer. Even if it’s just for one year. I’m glad to see Maeda and Stripling moved where they’ll get the opportunity to start for the whole season. They both deserved it and wouldn’t get the chance with the Dodgers. And now that they’re no longer blocked, we get to really see what Urias, Gonsolin, and May bring to the party. It wasn’t that long ago that Buehler was in their position.

  11. I’ll remind Dodgers fans again; Mookie Betts batted .174 in 2018 World Series. The Achilles heel for the Dodgers has been their inability to hit in the postseason. Now they traded for a guy hitting .174 in the World Series, does that really improve their chances of winning the title? ESPN Sports Center compared this trade to have the same impact as Kirk Gibson signing. But unlike Betts, Gibson was clutch in the 1984 World Series. Time will tell.

  12. I like the deals. Moving Joc gives Beatty the chance to at least platoon in left with Pollock. And, when Pollock gets hurt again, even more playing time!
    This is a good start! Now Friedman needs to go get Chris Bryant!

  13. Wow! I didnt think Friedman had this trade in him. Even as a rental, acquiring Betts is fantastic. If he walks after next season, the Dodgers will get a draft pick. With Price, they get a pitcher who will be a number 3 in a playoff situation. Price is better as a number 3 than Maeda would have been.

    Yes, losing Verdugo is a big deal but the Dodgers kept every other young prospect. The Dodgers kept Ruiz, Downs, Gonsolin, and of course, Lux and May.

    Its a great trade and Dodgers deserve credit for pulling this off and Ive been critizing the team for their inactivity. Lets go get that World Series ring!

  14. I wonder if principled fans will boo Betts and Price coming from the cheating Red Sox? They should. Not booing would be hypocritical.

  15. Ahhhh see management has done it again… another worthless trade.. and giving away good talent…just can’t go a season without being stupid… SMH!!!

  16. I’ll wait for 2021 to decide if Betts will resign with the Dodgers.The Dodger operation could entice him to stay on past this year.

    I do want to remind people that Verdugo has has a back injury that a young person should never have unless there’s an underlying weakness. I think he will spend a good portion of this season on the IL. I’m not saying that Verdugo won’t be a great player. Goodness, the injuries that Micky Mantle enfured would fill a medical journal. . Only time will tell.

  17. I’m stunned, happy and wary all at the same time. Stunned because I firmly believed that the Dodgers weren’t going to take the necessary steps to a 100% commitment of winning the WS. Happy because 31 years is way, way too long between titles for one of baseball’s most legendary franchises. WIN NOW became the priority. Wary because of Price’s inconsistency and if the Dodgers will be able to keep Betts with less than a 10 year / $400 million deal. I like Verdugo but also think that a guy with what looks to be fairly serious back issues at such a young age may never pan out as was hoped. I wish him well in Boston. Pederson obviously loved being a Dodger but his inability to hit lefties created challenges in setting the lineup. He’s actually the prototypical hitter for this era – home run or strikeout, mid-.200’s average. We need guys who can put the ball in play more than Joc did. Maeda became more of a mystery each season. Last year he couldn’t win on the road at all but still demanded to remain a starter instead of going to the pen where he could have better helped the team.

    I’m definitely excited about having an elite right handed hitter who also adds to team speed.

  18. Mixed feelings…..I see this as a short term fix that I hope will pay off. Like most of you, I am appreciating the acquisition of the right handed Betts, but Price…… Anyways, I absolutely hate to see Verdugo leave because he’s truly going to be something else for someone else. Like I said, mixed feelings. But moving forward, I cannot wait for Spring Training!

  19. I find these trades to be odd. Maybe the Dodgers know they can never win a World Series and their only way to exact revenge on their enemies is to have Joc and Strip help the Angels beat the Astros I’m sure Joc and strip would love it and perhaps bringing Betts here is a way to get revenge on Betts as they get to watch him fail miserably having to play fair without his cheating team signaling pitches

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