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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Reportedly Traded To Angels in Separate Deal

On Tuesday Night, the Los Angeles Dodgers made a splash by acquiring Mookie Betts. However in a separate trade; Outfielder Joc Pederson was also traded to the Los Angeles Angels.

All off-season long, Jeff Passan of ESPN has been right on top of it. Once again, Passan is at the forefront of Pederson trade reports. This tweet was the first of an avalanche of Dodgers trade tweets.

In case you’re wondering on Luis Rengifo – the infielder the Dodgers acquired from the Angels – do a quick once-over of his bbref page. As a rookie in 2019 he appeared in 108 games, mostly at second base but some at shortstop.

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Moreover, Rengifo slashed .238/.321/.364 which doesn’t add up to pretty. However, he was worth 1.6 bWAR; which is noteworthy for a 22-year old utility infielder. Already, you can see him playing a role for the 2020 Dodgers in some of their swiss-army knife platoons and swaps around the diamond, adding versatility.

Obviously with the addition of Betts, Pederson was the odd-man out.

Further Developments on Pederson to Angels

Later Tuesday evening, more details emerged from Passan and company. Furthermore, details are still coming out.

What is known is that the Dodgers will give up a lesser-known prospect named Andy Pages. Pages is an outfielder who hit 19 homers as an 18-year old in rookie ball.

Finally, there are more details still coming at the time of this post. In fact, the players are still being informed of the trade according to writer Fabian Ardaya.

Equally important, Ardaya mentions an additional player involved in the deal is a starting pitcher. However, that starter is not David Price.

We will have more on this situation as it develops, including a fitting tribute at some point to Joc Pederson; I am certain.

UPDATE: Ross Stripling is reported to be the starter heading to Anaheim.

NEXT: Ross Stripling Reportedly Included in Pederson Deal to Angels

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  1. If the return for Joc, Pages and a ML level SP is only Ringifo and a prospect this was a clear salary dump. Hoping a ML ready relief pitcher is coming back, but it doesn’t appear so

  2. Good riddance! Just dont understand how Pederson remained in the lineup for all these years. He must of had something on someone..

        1. Kirk we know codger, as a sabremetric fan boy he loves the one trick pony types who bat .230 and can only hit one handedness

  3. Yea all he had was an OPS over .850 and was a stud in the post season and played a good defensive outfield. Those players are a dime a dozen.

    1. Stud in the post season? So all these years with his 235 avg, was a avg defensive player with no speed. He was so good he was a platoon player because he couldn’t hit left handed pitching. He clogged up a roster spot blocking big time players from coming here. He was so good he blocked prospects from coming up! But, hey he hit a lot of homers…. What basically happened here was Pederson was replaced by a 300 hitter with speed, all star defensive player. Pederson was considered such a Stud that the equal trade value brought back a 238 utility infielder. I just don’t get why anyone would consider Pederson a loss.

  4. Ummm
    36 homeruns plus a few big post season homers that’s how he stayed in the lineup.
    They traded Joc to stay under the luxury tax
    Are you kidding me
    If they wanted to do that why didn’t they trade AJ?

  5. The Dodgers FO will always look like geniuses because we play in the crappiest division. Last post-season showed how being the best in the NL West, does not equate to being the best. Isn’t pitching the thing we need the most? Yet, we keep acquiring more fielders and giving away our pithcers.

    1. Some people just always want to complain. If they don’t get Betts you’d complain. When they do get Betts you complain anyway but you have to disparage the whole division to do it. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything to not look foolish. Can’t you just look at the positive side when there’s something to be positive about?!

    2. Dodgers had a better record in 2019 against NL teams OUTSIDE the division than within. And yes we need another playoff pitcher; don’t you think it’s time to take a long look at Urias, May, and Gonsolin before making that decision?

  6. Joc Pederson was clutch in the postseason. Had the Dodgers won 2017 World Series, Hoc would have been named the MVP of the series. I understand this was a salary shedding trade, but it may have put the Angels over the top, with Trout, Ohtani, Rendon, Upton, and now Pederson, that lineup can hit against the best in the majors. Plus Angels Stadium is at sea level unlike Dodgers Stadium, Pederson will hit a lot more HRs at night. I got a funny feeling the Dodgers will play the Angels in the 2020 World Series. And Pederson will put the Angels over the top, that no one will see this under the radar trade coming to become the trade that got the Angels the title, instead of the high profile Mookie Betts trade that supposedly should have put the Dodgers over the top.

    1. Matt, thank you for the laugh this morning!! Pederson will lead the Angels to the World Series!! You guys are putting Joc up where Bette is. Pederson a lifetime 240 hitter, avg defense, no speed. Couldn’t hit left handers. Pederson only survived in the bigs because he could hit right handers, and did mash them, but any team that needs a full time 235 hitter that strikes out a lot and wants 10 mill a year is a stretch.

    2. You got any money you want to bet on that WS prediction? And I won’t even ask for odds

    3. Lol Matt really? Tell me what pitching is going to get the Angels through 3 postseason rounds. They can make the playoffs though which I wouldn’t mind if they beat the Astros along the way

    4. Dude! He’s gonna hit Less homeruns because he’s at sea level not more, and especially at night where the air is thicker. Some people just don’t make sense. ( this is just a correction on Your analogy) . I wonder why they hit so many homeruns in the mile high city, hint hint..

    5. Matt – I love your enthusiasm. I’ve enjoyed speaking to Joc on occasion, he’s a total gentleman. He has great potential and I really wish him the best. However, he was hoping he’d get more for arbitration money this year, since he had his best season last year. Plus he’s a free agent the following year.
      The Dodgers did well essentially substituting him for a HUGE improvement in the outfield. It was a salary dump. I do agree that the Angels got a very good deal. However, I don’t agree that he’ll hit more HR’s because of the sea level. Normally, the ball doesn’t fly as far in denser atmosphere vs higher elevation (such as Coors Field).

    6. Matt, they laughed at Trump when he announced his run for the presidency. Just sayin’…..

  7. I hope Stripling is part of the trade. I like him, and he will definitely get a chance to pitch there. And Joc might get an opportunity to hit more against lefties.
    As my wife says, “it was time to break up the band’”

  8. Pederson had 36 homers last season in part time action. That puts him #9 in the league in Hrs/AB. How is it the Dodgers can only get a mediocre utility player back let alone having to give other players, including a starting pitcher? I get it that Pederson is the odd man out with Betts. And I get it that he is free angent after this next year. But come on. This seems a wildly unbalanced trade. Are the Dodgers really that cheap? I guess I have to hope that there is more to this. But surely they could have gotten more than this for a terrific player like Pederson. The dude hit 36 HRs.

    1. You talk like Peterson is Babe Ruth! He isn’t, but Babe Ruth is coming to LA in the person of Mookie Betts.
      How many homers and RBI’s is Matt Beatty going to have if he gets as many AB’s as Peterson? My guess is the plan is to have Beatty platoon with Pollack in left. Beatty had a great rookie season. Now we are going to see if he can follow-up on it. If he doesn’t work out, the Dodgers have Edwin Rios. They have no shortage of replacements for Joc.
      I hope Joc is successful in Anaheim. Good luck to him.

      1. Spot on Tim. Pederson will be a great Angel! Not too hard to replace a 235 hitter who strikes out a lot, has no speed, and a avg defender. Betts will score a hundred runs, steal 30 bases, hit 30 homers, earn a Gold glove and be an all star, and drive in 75 runs. People around here act like Joc played like that! Unbelievable!

  9. I guess the Angels did not find Pollock acceptable. Say what you want you naysayers of Pederson but given the choice between Pederson and Pollock who would you pick? If a person is as good as his last performance then Pollock’s 11Ks in 13 at bats in the playoffs screams volumes. So, now we play the “waiting game” with him-will he distinguish or extinguish himself during 2020. Will a hanging toe nail be his next ailment to lose playing time? At leas there is Matt Beatty waiting for his chance in the wings should Pollock “stay the course” of his post season performance. Also Taylor and Kiki are available for some left field as may be also Lux. Now that the starting 8 is reasonably settled who will be the 5 starting pitchers with Ryu, Hill and Maeda gone and possibly Stripling also going to the Angels? AND, most importantly how will the bullpen respond and who if anyone might emerge as a star?

    1. Pollock. He has less power but hits either handed pitchers equally and better and, despite last year, is better defensively. In 2019, you saw the best of Pederson and the worst of Pollock. You may judge on his last performance but I’ll take the total body of work. Pollock will have a solid season this year.

  10. I think we will miss Joc more than we presently realize. He will always be a Dodger in my book. He worked hard to make himself a better player. He always did community work, and he was an inspiration to those parents who had special needs children. I hope he gets a standing ovation during the subway series. Go Blue!!!

    1. BLUE LOU! I hear ya about Joc but with Betts here now and Pollock ready and presumably healthy for full time duty, Joc’ playing time was in doubt as far as opportunities go. But what do ya think of the deal that got us Betts and Price?

      1. Adding Betts is a no-brainer!!!! I just hope the FO does not platoon him. If that were to happen, his chances of re-upping with us will go out the window. The fact that he brings speed and a RHB to the lineup is really something we need large doses of. Price should fit well into the lineup as maybe a 4th starter. I like the rotation of Buehler, Kersh, Urias, May, Price, and Gonsolin. Wood may also slot in relative to injuries. Or, the FO may elect to use Wood in the starting rotation, and give May and Gonsolin time to develop in the BP. Before the season ends, I see Gonsolin and May in the starting rotation. Go PD Jr!!!! Gp Blue!!!

  11. If this is just s salary dump,then why give so much up for s dime a dozen infielder?

    Recently they gave up a what became a superstar to houston for a carreer minor league relief pitcher.

    So why give the angels Page?

  12. This was a Dumb move
    Stripling and Joc for a utility player….
    We need arms in the BP. If you want to dump some good players then get something for them.
    I hope this trade dosen’t go through.
    And by the way if the Dodgers had won In 2017 then most of you nay sayers would be kissing Jocs Azz

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