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Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez Has a Controversial Emergency Alternative for the MLB Season

In an interesting conversation with the LA Times, Dylan Hernandez asked former Dodgers’ first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez, his thoughts on a 2020 season. As it turns out, Gonzo isn’t so confident that a deal will get done. 

On one hand, the former Dodgers’ fan-favorite is entirely understanding of the player’s side of things. But he also knows that the owners are going to keep as much as they can from everyone. 

I think the most frustrating part about that is the fact that [the owners are] going to play this card, and the minute the agreement is made, they’re going to ask the players to help them promote the league. But, again, it goes down to transparency. As far as revenue, what walks in the door and what is sold in the stadium and what is generated via TV, if that is put out there, then you know how much is really involved. But nobody’s doing that.

Gonzalez also had a very interesting alternative to the season, which will likely not go over well with the fans. Gonzo advocated for baseball ‘scabs’ in a way, saying that the league should look to non-40 roster players to get games started. That would mean the Dodgers’ minor leaguers would be running the show.

Honestly, if I’m the owners, I would just try to have non-40-man roster play a season and give fans something to watch.

Playing an entire season of games with just minor leaguers probably wouldn’t go over well. The Korean Baseball league was the first sport to really get going, but fans have already started to forget about that. People tune in to watch Cody Bellinger launch balls into orbit off of big-league pitching, not so much the guys that aren’t quite there talent-wise yet. 

It does seem as though the former Dodgers’ star wants a season to happen, and wants the league to get things figured out with the player’s union. But as with everyone else, hope is very limited at the moment.

Where do you stand on A Gon’s plan? Would you watch minor leaguers play MLB ball? Or is it a non-option for the sanctity of baseball and the union?

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