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Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez In Italy While World Series Is About To Begin

Adrian Gonzalez was shutdown for the remainder of the season on September 27th due to his ongoing back problems. The news crushed Dodger fans, including myself, knowing how much of a vital part Gonzalez has been to this organization. However, this was not a “goodbye.” Rather, this was a “see you later,” with Gonzalez’s focus set on getting healthy for 2018.

Recently, Dave Roberts told the media that Adrian Gonzalez was not with the team during the playoffs. Roberts cited that Gonzalez did not want to be a distraction, and was instead cheering on the Dodgers from home with his family. When the Dodgers defeated the Cubs on Thursday, Gonzalez congratulated his teammates on being World Series bound via Twitter!

Well, now he’s cheering on the Dodgers from another country. On Monday, Fernando Ballesteros, Director of Puro Beisbol, tweeted that Adrian Gonzalez is in Italy while his teammates are about to begin the World Series.

He doesn’t explain what he’s doing there, but Ballestreros also goes on to say that Gonzalez is on the radar of los Charros de Jalisco, a team that plays in the Mexican Pacific League, to play a short stint for them in the Winter. However, the team will wait for Gonzalez to return from Italy to talk about the possibility.

After the news broke that he would be shut down for the remainder of the season, David Vassegh caught up with Adrian Gonzalez to talk about the injury and the plan moving forward. Here is something that Gonzalez said that really stands out in moments like this:

It’s great in one sense that I’ve never been on the DL until this year, but you know being on the DL is also not the best thing. You have to come and put in all of this work just to watch a game… It feels a little more like an offseason.

I’m sure it’s tough to compete at the highest level and know that there is nothing you can do to help your team on the field, especially after putting in the work every day to get healthy. Regardless, It’s still sad that we will not see Adrian Gonzalez there with his team during the World Series. Even seeing him in the stands or in a suite would be amazing! It just doesn’t make sense to me that he is not there cheering the Dodgers on when they are on the verge of breaking a 29-year drought. Especially considering how big of a part he has played in getting the team to this point.

I’ll end it with this tweet, compliments of Eric Stephen of

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

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  1. I’m disappointed in him. He should be in the dugout and in the locker room giving emotional support and using his vast experience to offer advice to his team mates.

  2. I would like him to be there for support. His experience and wisdom is a huge help. On the other hand I get where he’s coming from. To be such a fierce competitor it must be hard to sit on the sidelines and watch.

  3. Disappointed Adrian won’t be there supporting the Dodgers during the World Series. Really, he could take a vacation any time. Other top players were on the DL and continued to be in the dugout cheering the team on. He was more of a distraction by his absence.

    1. I completely agree with you. I kept looking for him in dugout and realized he wasn’t there! He should be there. Not on vacation if that’s what he’s in Italy for! Not being a team player Adrian!!

  4. Very disappointed in Adrian Gonzalez!! He’s been a very big part of this team ever since he signed. It’s only been 29 years since the Dodgers made it back to the World Series. At the very least he could and should show his support to his teammates and the fans who have stood behind him. To be quite honest I won’t be disappointed if we trade him or just let him go.

  5. I think Adrian can be wherever he wants to be. His absence or presence will not affect te team.

  6. It’s funny you mention Adrian…I’d been thinking about where he’s been.
    See, here’s the thing….Gonzo’s a great guy and….
    Man he’s gonna have a great time in Italy.
    I went to Italy once and the food is really good….
    Go Blue!

  7. I have to believe Adrian is in Italy for medical treatment and that would be his only reason that he would not be cheering his team in the dugout…

  8. I think Eric Stephen and the rest of y’all completely don’t get it. We love AGon. He isn’t being selfish here, he’s making a SACRIFICE for the good of the team. I love Grandy but look what happened when they got him – the team went cold as ice. The team is doing well otherwise and was its hottest while AGon was out. He recognizes that. He doesn’t want to mess with a good thing. He’s a professional and is putting the potential effect his presence in the clubhouse could have on the things like chemistry. I only respect him more because of this. He knows there isn’t a need for him on this team any more, and his time in LA is coming to an end. He has earned a lifelong fan in me, and I will root for him wherever he plays.

  9. Not sure of all the contractual issues associated with letting him go, but I’ll it to his teammates to decide whether or not he is welcome back year. They know much more about the value he brings then we do

  10. True he should be by the teams side. He should be there helping guys out giving pointers out. He’s been in the bigs for a long time he knows what the other team could do. And should be there accepting all the rewards everyone is getting he’s been there for it all.

  11. Weird, to say the least……I would not be surprised if he wasn’t on this team next year. Where would he play with them? His continual health issues make him less than an everyday player, especially on the Dodgers.

  12. I find it strange he’s not around the organization. Either they’re getting rid of him or he already wants out. Too many questions that are more of a distraction.

  13. Wally Pipp being at home during the playoffs and now in Italy during the WS is unacceptable. To me he is no longer a Dodger and does not earn a WS Ring should the Dodgers win it all.

  14. this story about Adrian doesn’t make sense unless it’s a cover up. The only reason you leave a family, the Dodgers family, is if you are angry. Maybe he felt he should have been on the playoff roster, and the Dodgers determined he wasn’t capable, the preferred to have Chase Utley as the back up, and Gonzales couldn’t handle it emotionally, That is the only thing that makes sense, and he will be traded or released by the Dodgers in the Winter, like Crawford was released by the Dodgers and they ate his salary for two years. I guess it’s time to throw away my Gonzales jersey. Anyway, that is my opinion, thinks don’t make sense until they do make sense! Go Dodgers.

  15. Players who arent going to be activated from one series to the next are NOT eligible to travel with the team. Basically he would only be allowed to be at dodger playoff games.

  16. Very hard to believe that he would choose not to be within his teammates using his experience and wisdom to help his guys. Doesn’t fit with what we think of Adrian. I’m disappointed!!

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