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Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez Thanks Dodger Fans For Their Support with Throwback Video

Adrian Gonzalez took to twitter to thank Dodger fans for continuously supporting him. He posted a throwback Thursday video of his first at bat, which turned into a 3-run HR against the Miami Marlins and the start of an amazing time with the Dodgers.

Gonzalez played in the MLB for 15 years. 6 of those years were spent in Los Angeles. During his time in LA, Gonzalez was featured in 735 games.

The countless number of HR’s, walk-offs, and more importantly, his leadership on and off the field. Gonzalez concluded his time in LA with:

  • 2,689 AB
  • 752 H
  • 323 R
  • 101 HR
  • 448 RBI
  • .280 BA
  • OPS of .793.

Gonzalez was also the recipient of a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove Award in 2014 and should be credited for the amazing amount of community service projects he was involved with during his time in LA.

Gonzalez played with many other Dodger favorite’s in Los Angeles, such as Clayton Kershaw,  Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Justin Turner, and Corey Seager, along with more. Over the years with LA, Gonzalez had a few nicknames: ‘El Titan,’ ‘A-Gon,’ and ‘Gonzo.’

There were games where the Dodger bats were not rolling, and the crowd seemed out of it until Adrian Gonzalez came up to bat. He always had a way to electrify the crowd, no matter what the score and was a fan favorite from the start until the end, but we all know that most of the Dodger fans here in LA still love A-Gon.

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  1. Met AGon in a mall…downright humble guy…it was his last day with the Dodgers and he even obliged to have his photo worh me. What a guy!!!!…

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