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Dodgers: AJ Pollock and Kenley Jansen Not in Camp

Just a day after David Price decided to opt-out of the season, media started asking questions about other players who are at a high-risk of playing. Two Dodgers players who could be classified as high-risk, have yet to report to camp.

AJ Pollock and Kenley Jansen are the two guys that were asked about, and both have not yet reported. The Dodgers’ Dave Roberts would not say more about the two, but he did insist that he was hopeful both guys would be in camps soon.

For Pollock, he has long been one of the guys that MLB experts expected might sit out the 2020 season. With a newborn daughter that was born premature, Pollock has spent plenty of time in hospitals over the last few months. The Dodgers have not said much about him opting out, but if he chose to it would not be a surprise. And really, who could fault him for that choice. 

Jansen’s condition is more specific to him, in that he does have a heart condition. Dodgers’ team doctors did say that Kenley was cleared and at no additional risk. 

The fact that the two players have not reported to camp doesn’t guarantee that it is COVID related, but it does leave room for conversation. Players were supposed to report by July 1st, so that would put them a few days behind at this point. Here’s hoping they are happy, healthy, and ready to go this week. 

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