Dodgers: AJ Pollock’s Slow Spring Start Shouldn’t Carry Too Much Worry

Every player has their own routine when it comes to getting building themselves up for a new season. Some — such as Corey Seager — are already showing that they’re in midseason form. But not everyone can come into camp locked in, whether it be due to mechanics, previous injuries, or just old age.

AJ Pollock has been one of those players so far this Spring.

The departure of Joc Pederson leaves an opportunity for Pollock to seize more everyday playing time in left field. However, he hasn’t looked that great at the plate thus far. Prior to Saturday’s game, AJ was hitting just .194 with 3 RBIs in 28 at-bats this Spring. That definitely raises some red flags for someone who’s supposed to be the team’s starting left fielder. However, he may have signaled the beginning of a turn of events with a 3 for 3 game against the San Diego Padres. Better yet, he finished the game a triple shy of the cycle.

Despite the promising game he had, his overall performance in camp seemingly doesn’t bode too well for the upcoming season. Be that as it may, last year’s spring training also saw him struggle at the plate with a .178 batting average. Despite that, Pollock had one of his best seasons in recent memory. He tied with Mookie Betts for the team lead in home runs with 16 and knocked in 34 runs en route to hitting a respectable .276 at the plate.

Could we see a similar type of year from him yet again?

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It’s also worth noting that he’s only struck out 5 times so far, which shows he’s putting the ball in play, but he’s not finding a hole. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before the baseball gods start to show him some love.

The 33-year old veteran is more than capable of putting together another solid season for the Boys in Blue. It’s better that he struggles now while he tries to knock off the rust rather than in the middle of an anticipated division race with the Padres. Should he continue to struggle into the season, the Dodgers have more than enough depth to pick up the slack. Chris Taylor and Matt Beaty could easily fill in while DJ Peters may find himself with the big league club sooner rather than later if this scenario takes place.

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  1. Oh I don’t know, Pollock is a .176 lifetime hitter in the playoffs so he’s right on track.

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