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Dodgers: Albert Pujols Not Concerned With the Team’s Recent Slide

It was a weird week for the Dodgers between playing at home and in Atlanta. They took 2 of 3 from the Cardinals earlier in the week only to drop 2 of 3 to the Braves. They scored plenty of runs, but not always at the right time.

Inconsistency has been the word that defines the Dodgers offense in 2021. Dave Roberts described it that way after the loss on Sunday. Sometimes that bats come out and score 11 runs in an inning, but sometimes they just go silent. 

One guy that’s seen his fair share of team struggles is Albert Pujols. Now in his 21st year in the league, Pujols has seen it all. And the newest Dodgers free agent signing remains unconcerned from what he has seen out of this team early on.

It’s a long season. Sometimes you’re gonna hit those spurts here and there where you get a good winning streak and sometimes you’re gonna have some bad outings out there where we don’t score a lot of runs for our pitchers.

As long as the Dodgers can keep those winning spurts up longer than the losing ones, they should be fine. But it’s hard to not be concerned with the product on the field right now. Especially when the offense is squandering really good pitching. 

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But the Dodgers still have a few guys they need to get going. Cody Bellinger looks like he is starting to find his swing after months on the injured list. Zach McKinstry has just 1 hit in his 16 at-bats since returning from an oblique injury. And Will Smith is even going through it with the bat. 

Eventually, all of the pieces are going to come together. It’s not a question of if, but rather when.  

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  1. Albert’s not concerned about it because he probably won’t be on the playoff roster. He’ll be retired and/or on the IL.

  2. This offensive slide is not recent as far as hitting against good LHP goes. Albert Pujols is correct about teams going through rough times throughout a season. But the Dodgers slide against LHP has been going on for a few years now. W h en Roberts loads up the lineup with all the available RHB to match up what takes place is that teams then kn I w there’s nothing left on the bench except LHB. That makes it simple for the opposing team to bring in lefty relievers in the game and the usual end game results are like yesterday’s loss to the Braves.

  3. I realize this comment has nothing to do with anything in todays Dodger Nation, but I would like the fans in LA to know something about D-Backs color man, Bob Brenly and the situation he has gotten himself into. My wife and I are both third generation Southern Californians but now reside in Tucson. My career from playing and coaching in the minor leagues and later to engineering has taken us to several locations across the country but now here in Tucson. In order to watch the Dodgers we purchased MLB Season Ticket on Direct TV three years ago. We watch every game. Prior to subscribing we were forced to watch the D-Backs telecasts when watching the Dodgers play either in Phoenix or LA. Listening to Brenly’s color commentary is guaranteed to make your blood boil. He hates the Dodgers and LA and lets his audience know during every telecast. He is arrogant and sarcastic and I am not at all surprised at his most racist comment concerning Marcus Stroman. I have heard similar comments from him before concerning the Dodgers or LA in particular. His partner in the booth, Steve Berthiaume reminds me of Mr. Peabody’s “Pet Boy Sherman” as he laughs at every sarcastic thing out of Brenly mouth. I could go on, two of my best friends that I grew up and played ball with both wound up pitching for the Giants and the manager I coached for in the minor leagues, also an ex-Giant could not stand Brenly and his arrogant personality.
    In LA, we have always been spoiled with Dodger broadcast teams, there are none better but listening to these two is painful, maybe the worst in the big leagues. I do not think that Brenly’s self imposed “week off” is close to being sufficient, knowing how this clown thinks, I believe he should be summarily fired by the D-Backs or better yet the broadcast organization that covers D-Backs games, Bally Sports Arizona.

    1. Chip, I concur with you about those Dback announcers, and since you reside in the local Dback market, that’s how DTV,’s MLB package works, in that you are blacked out of the Dodgers broadcast whenever they are playing in AZ or LA. I live in Southern Oregon and I also have that MLB package. Whenever the Dodgers play either the Giants, Mariners or A,s I only get their team’s broadcast in either location because those are considered this area’s local sports teams and they own the broadcast rights. So agree that while you may be stuck with the AZ broadcasts I am stuck with the Giants broadcast instead. I don’t mind those of the Mariners or A’s as much though. Bottom line here is these black out rules suck.

      1. Paul, we are also blacked out with San Diego games. We watch the telecast put it on mute and listen do the Dodger radio broadcast on one of our lap tops. Works great, expect we have to put up with Mr. Stats, Charley Steiner, who can not complete a single sentence, any sentence without numbers, lots and lots of numbers. However, it still much, much better than the alternative and Mo is a great color man and broadcast partner so it works just fine. I agree the black out rules really suck.

  4. Pujols needs to get number 700 here in LA. That would be really exciting to anticipate and see. As far as the team goes I have a bad feeling about this year there’s just something about them that doesn’t feel championship caliber. One of the leaders needs to whip them into shape, Betts did it in spring training last year I don’t know what he’s waiting for. There’s no hangover either it was a 3 month season last year and that’s including the playoffs

    1. I hope to God that we’re not stuck with Betts like the Yanks are stuck with Stanton!

  5. such., the DTV MLB package is for watching out of market games but I’m surprised if indeed San Diego is part of the ‘in market in your area . Thankfully for me here in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, the Padres are out of market. MLB NETWORK also under those blackout rules, means that no Giants, Mariners or A,’s games are shown on the network here. I sometimes however get a break from those Giants broadcasters whenever Fox or ESPN has the broadcast rights for a particular Dodger vs Giant game.

  6. And here I thought I was the only Dodger fan to HATE Brenly’s broadcast of Dodger games . . . from the Dodger speaker system in Dodgers stadium to umpires’s calling of balls and strikes. Complain, complain, complain!

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