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Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Still Waiting For Boston Fans to Appreciate His Walk-Up Music

There were very few things more entertaining than when trumpets started blaring around Chavez Ravine and Vicente Fernandez started signing Volver, Volver. Dodgers fans knew that meant Alex Verdugo was coming to the plate and the entire crowd would sing right along with Chente. 

Now almost a year and a half removed from the trade that sent him to Boston, Dugie is trying to get Red Sox fans on board with his music choice. The former Dodgers outfielder spoke with the LA Times’ Jorge Castillo about how it’s been received so far. 

It doesn’t get appreciated as it did in L.A., for sure, but Boston fans have been coming around.

Verdugo faced an uphill battle from the moment he arrived on the east coast. With Mookie Betts headed to the Dodgers, Boston fans were in a bad mood from the start. And it was no fault of his, he was just one of the pieces that came back in the deal. 

But 60+ games into the 2021 season, and Red Sox fans are seeing why he was so loved by the Dodgers. The personality and the charisma are obviously there, but the on-field results are pouring in. Verdugo has become easily one of the best bats in the Boson lineup. 

And he’s not trying to be Mookie Betts. He’s trying to be Alex Verdugo. 

I understood why Boston fans were mad. You can take it however you want. You can dwell on it. Like, ‘Oh, God, I gotta be Mookie. I gotta perform.’ No, for me, it’s just I know I’m a good baseball player. I know I can be an All-Star. I know I can hopefully one day get a batting title. There was no pressure with me, personally, with the Mookie trade.

Dodgers fans certainly know what Dugie is capable of on a baseball field. There is a reason he was such a highly-touted prospect for so long, and he made minor league pitching look more like High School pitching. 

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Taking the place of Mookie Betts in a lineup is a tall task for any big leaguer. But Dodgers fans know that Verdugo is going to be appreciated in Boston. Fans are coming around, and he will be loved for a long time. Especially in Los Angeles. 

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  1. I remember what Verdugo said at a interview, “If I were to be traded I hope some other team wants me”. He went on about say that I will play anywhere and am really glad if that were to happen. Verdugo is just good for baseball as he funny and a good baseball player. The trade was probably a little bittersweet but I have always like the Red Sox almost like I do with the Dodgers

  2. How does racist Boston end up with Mexican talent?Ted Williams,Nomar Garciaparra and now Alex Verdugo.

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