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Dodgers: Alex Vesia Recalled With Jimmy Nelson Headed to the Injured List

The Dodgers are making at least one more bullpen move before the All-Star break. They’ve already made a few moves to get fresh arms in, and they have one more lined up for Friday night.

Prior to the game against the Diamondbacks on Friday, the Dodgers sent RHP Jimmy Nelson to the injured list. Nelson apparently suffered an issue with his back as the team is calling it a lumbar strain. Nelson has a history of issues with his back including with Los Angeles.

In his place, the Dodgers called up LHP Alex Vesia. He’s spent a few games with the big league club, but Vesia has been much more effective lately at OKC.

The expectation is that Vesia will pitch at least 1 game but likely 2 over the next few days. The Dodgers have a bullpen game scheduled for Friday night, their third in just 5 days of games.

Injuies have made it so that the Dodgers have to rely heavily on their relievers. But with just 3 games left until the All-Star break, they should be able to make it through just fine.


  1. Making it through just fine? Really? With this year looking more and more like 2018 how is that we keep entrusting “bullpen” games to such Not Ready For Prime Time Pitchers?

    1. I predict he will be the starting pitcher against the Giants on July 19, Dodgers first home game of second half.

  2. Vesia has no business pitching in the majors. No control. Strength and conditions coach/staff as well as the medical/physical therapy staff needs a complete overhaul. At the same time they need to get rid of roberts. Bellinger continues to bat cleanup in tonight’s game. Guess roberts never heard of the definition of insanity.

    1. You said it. Vesia as no business pitching in the Majors, especially for the WS Champs. Of course, Reed, Nunez, Uceta and White have no business pitching for the Dodgers either–but I guess we are going to be force fed pitchers of this caliber all year long.

      1. Had to turn off the game once Uceta came in. Don’t know why he is even on the roster. Just saw the box score and he WALKED 3 batters. Then Reed comes in and walked a batter for another run. These guys who are languishing in the minor leagues and when given to opportunity to play in the bigs and then cannot control their pitches is just totally pathetic. Totally agree with you about Reed, Uceta, and White. The jury is out about Nunez. He didn’t look too bad for his first outing but these got other guys have had multiple opportunities and have failed. You can also add Alexander to the list as well. Losing to the Diamondbacks! Sheeesh. Oh don’t get me started on all the errors the Dodgers are committing recently and catchers interferences. Right now this team is not mentally prepared to play and that starts at the top. Maybe Roberts will do us a favor and will win the all star game and then celebrate this “tremendous accomplishment” and having no further goals to attain, RETIRE!!!

  3. Roberts is not a good coach..he actually sucks.. Mookie is a bust ..Why does he bat lead off..he sucks also .. Bellinger sucks also overrated .. Barnes totally sucks.. please bring up Ruiz..Pujos needs too be playing more..Lux has been Sucking lately rooting for him….Friedman sucks also… Get it together..damn

  4. Agree with comments about Vesia, et al — but the Turner and Muncy errors directly led to 2 runs. And, if Betts hustles to the RF wall he catches the Escobar “home run” as it hit on top of the 3 foot wall.

    1. Wonder if something is wrong with Betts. That home run ball looked like a catchable ball for Mookie. Looked like he just gave up on the play

  5. Baseballs head of operations is a great Job but don’t take my word on it just ask Andy F. After reading Dodgerglen comments I could tell he was a bit frustrated. Like me, I too had a fit over walking in runs. The easiest way to win a baseball game is get the bases loaded with no outs and call on your seasoned walkers to don’t swing the bat and score run after run. How easy can this be.

  6. Vesia is a proven minor leaguer with poor control and he needs to stay there and learn to pitch.

  7. I almost think Roberts is gambling against the Dodgers when he puts Uceta in on a close game after he gave up 7 ER a few games before Che had no control!!! Also Roberts needs to stop juggling the lineup daily and putting Pollack 2nd and even Pujols 2nd. Putting Beaty and Belli cleanup is a joke. Set a lineup and quit worrying about left, right, left!
    Betts, (until Seaver is back)Taylor, Turner,, Muncy, smith, Bellinger, McKinstrey, Lux. Scrap Barnes for Ruiz! Price will not be successful as starter. He pitches all his strikes down the middle and never touches the corners. He will get us slaughtered as a starter! Nelson could be a starter if he can be healthy

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