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Dodgers: Alex Wood Feels Team’s Past Success Makes it Difficult to Get Motivated in Big Moments

Dodgers fans are not happy with the way things are going right now. Down in the NLCS 3 games to 1, Los Angeles will have to put up some fight to keep their World Series hopes alive. Unfortunately, that fight might be difficult to find in these final games. 

Speaking with reporters before last night’s game, Alex Wood talked about finding motivation in the postseason. The Dodgers reliever had some interesting thoughts on why it’s been so hard for Los Angeles to find energy when down in games. In his mind, it sounds like winning has almost become boring for the team.

I think one of the hard things for this team and this organization is that you get so used to you winning the division every year, you make a deep run in the postseason a lot of years, you have a lot of guys that have a lot of experience in these types of games. And so that’s great, but also it can become, you can start to feel stagnant a little bit at least speaking for myself. Passion-wise or that ability to get up for a big series in a big game when things like this have become almost expected and normal.

It’s possible that Wood meant something else entirely when he said this in the context of winning Game 3. But following the loss last night, it’s very difficult to hear as a Dodgers fan. Getting used to winning divisions and making playoff runs should not be a reason for feeling lethargic in postseason situations. 

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  1. If I were a betting man I would wager that Wood will be gone before the start of the 2021 season, along with a few others

    1. That was a given but I have to believe there’s context around his quote that’s missing because it’s incomprehensible that he could say such a foolish thing.

    2. I certainly hope so. Is his response supposed to be the reason he has pitched so poorly this year?

  2. Are you kidding? You guys haven’t won anything yet. I guess it was BS when you claimed that a WS title was your goal? Apparently it’s just winning lots of games. By the way he’s talking you’d think they have won multiple World Series and are satisfied. Just another reason to clean house, we need guys who are hungry. The Nats put together the right group of hungry veterans. It’s time ship off everyone except Betts, Turner and our young pitchers and position players

  3. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quite mean that the way it came out, but, yeah, if anyone on the team really feels that way, they need to go elsewhere. Along with the fans who keep saying we should be “happy” the Dodgers are “competitive” each year.

    1. He is right. Well how else would you explain 7 consecutive years of failure . The real answer of course is that they breeze through every season playing half their games against really bad teams, resulting in inflated pitching and hitting numbers. Then they meet up with better hitters and tougher pitching and can’t handle them. This short season was even worse.
      They only played one team over 500. And you can’t really believe the padres are a 500 team. Thus team is hugely overrated year after year. Went into the post season with Beuler struggling even before the blister, 2 untested rookies and kersh ( we all know how that ends every year). Except for seager the offense is a repeat of the past 7 seasons. This series is still winable but we’ve been there before.

  4. FWIW, Wood has burned his bridges here ss far as I am concerned and as Jim C said, he will be gone after this series is over ,win or lose. No player deserves to be on the roster if indeed they are complacent as Wood implies that they are. As far as I am concerned, even if Dodgers pull this out and get to the WS, no way should Wood be anywhere near the roster.

  5. Woods is a complete washed out jerk. Starting with demanding he become a starter before he even signed. His 1st and only start was a disaster, then complained he was injured and went on the IR. Stated the season should be canceled, then said he should receive his full salary. Just another Freidman flop.

  6. No hunger and alot of fat cats on this team. They want the money and to try and hit homers. Recipe for disaster with this team.

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