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Dodgers: Alex Wood Gives Step By Step on Getting into the Stadium for Practice

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this season will be unlike any we have ever had. The Dodgers’ Alex Wood is certainly understanding of that. 

He chatted with am570 this week and talked about the new season that was at hand. More importantly, Alex Wood gave us an inside look on what the daily routine is like for the Dodgers. Listen as he walks you through the process of just getting into the stadium on a daily basis. 

You get the list of what the schedule looks like per day, when to show up, when not to show up and all of that stuff. So basically, you have your groups split down between position players and pitchers…you walk in, get your temperature taken, you have to fill out an app, make sure you’re all symptom-free and all that stuff in the mornings before you come to the field. You get in, they have lunch ready for you…

Wood goes on to discuss the rest of the daily routine, which includes Dodgers pitchers sitting in the left-field pavilions for lunchtime. Players are still staying six feet apart as often as they possibly can, and Wood clarified that workouts have been spaced out accordingly. 

From what it sounds like, the Dodgers are being much more strict with their players that some other teams around the league. The Giants all showed up to camp around the same time in their most recent workouts, with almost no staggered times. Still, it’s quite the process just to get to practice for these guys.

As of now, the Dodgers still have at least seven players that have not reported to camps yet. Their status is unknown as Dave Roberts declined to comment. 

Dodgers: At Least 7 Player Still Have Not Reported to Spring Camp

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