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Dodgers: Alex Wood Signs With the San Francisco Giants

First Pedro Baez signs with the Astros, and now another Dodgers free agent is heading out. Free-agent Alex Wood will be signing with the San Francisco  Giants, as confirmed by the team. Wood heads up north to reunite with former Los Angeles GM Farhan Zaidi. 

The Giants announced that the deal is going to be for 1-year and is a Major League contract. The Dodgers re-signed Wood on a 1-year deal in January of 2020, just over a year after they traded him to Cincinatti. Wood returned to Los Angeles to be a starter but eventually was moved over the bullpen. 

Wood made a total of 9 appearances for the Dodgers during the 2020 season, throwing a total of 12.2 innings and allowing 9 earned runs. But in th postseason, Wood proved to be a key piece for a Los Angeles staff desperately in need of help by the Championship Series.

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Wood threw in 4 games between the NLCS and World Series, combining for 6.2 innings of work and just 1 earned run. He was a big reason why the Dodgers were able to get past the Braves after falling down 3-1 in the series and was incredibly useful in their World Series efforts. 

Wood is the second free-agent reliever to sign a deal away from the Dodgers this week. Yesterday, Pedro Baez signed a contract with the Houston Astros to become one of their key relievers. 

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  1. Another reliever goes to an enemy. Being a LHP he may think he will have some advantage over Dpdgrr lineup but we can be prepared to handle him and is why Dodgers must step up their game against all LHP. Another reason for getting a couple RHB that can hit lefties.

    1. Seriously? The Dodgers did want him back. I’m sure he took the best offer that was available to him. It was the Giants. Not a big deal.

  2. Alex’s best season was with us. He may be OK with SF; but they won’t be more than about a .500 ball club. We know about him; so he may struggle against us.

    1. I was just thinking about this knowing Wood before checking up on recent comments. It’s a 2 way street because Dodgers know him as well as he may know about our lineups.

  3. It was good that he was able to come back and help the Dodgers to a title. Calling him a turn coat is a bit much. There isn’t a place for him with the Dodgers this year, so he went elsewhere. No harm in that.

    1. Pretty much sums it up because we knew in advance that some or even most of these FA’S were eventually going to sign elsewhere and for mainly the reason you
      just said here.

  4. Maybe Wood will get a shot to start with the Giants who have nothing but RHPs in their starting rotation right now. I wish him well. There was no rotation opportunity with the Dodgers, and not much in the bullpen either. The departures of Wood and Baez are pretty painless for the Dodgers.

  5. Pedro & Alex: Best of luck to you both. Thanks for the memories. I’m sure you will be valuable to your new teams. I hope both teams realize they are getting more than your on-field performance. You are both veterans and you will be an asset in the clubhouse and someone the younger players will look up to. I’m glad you both had the opportunity to be a part of the World Series championship team.

    May you both have success with your new teams,
    Pete Agnew

  6. The SF Giants and Woody are the TOY STORY of the MLB. Health issues in Cincinnati took a toll on him and his awkward delivery and expected pitches sure will be fun to watch the Dodgers tee off on him like batting practice at Pac Bell and Dodger Stadium. It’s obvious he took the money $$$$$$$$$$ for a 1 year deal that probably amounted to 3-5 times what the Dodgers offered him. Enjoy the ring Woody and thanks for pitching in the NLDS and World Series like BUZZ LIGHT YEAR !

  7. Andrew: Please resign Justin. He is the heart & soul of the Dodgers. I don’t think there is anyone more valuable than him. He personifies the spirit of Tommy, Sandy, and Vin. He is the glue of the Dodgers. His contributions far exceed his on-field performance, which is superb. His community involvement and clubhouse spirit are tremendous, and he “ain’t” a bad player either. I can envision Justin starting at second base and allowing Gavin to hone his skills. Should you sign D.J., Justin could spell him at third when Gavin is playing. Justin is a key right-handed hitter and a combination of D.J. and Justin as two excellent hitters would prevent our opponents from taking advantage of us with left-handed pitching

  8. See yea later and good luck to you and you know? When we play you in the bay area, you are going to have a lot of wet balls!

  9. I loved what he did in 2017. And, he pitched well in the play-offs for the Championship. Glad he was part of it. I think he should have started one of those “bull-pen” games in the WS. All the best Alex.

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