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Dodgers: An Update on Rich Hill in Minnesota

Rich Hill might no longer be a member of the Dodgers, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t wish him the absolute best. The rugged veteran came to Los Angeles in 2016 and left a huge impact on the fanbase. 

When Hill chose to sign a free-agent deal with the Minnesota Twins to play for a season, Dodgers fans took to social media to wish him well. Hill’s story of coming up through the big leagues and making comebacks from the Independent Leagues was truly inspiring, and he might be one of the greatest people I personally have ever met. 

We got an update from the Twins on the status of Rich Hill, who was previously battling below issues. Hill had surgery on his left elbow back in November, putting him out of baseball until about Summer. The former Dodgers’ hurler got in a nice bullpen session today and could be ready for the season. 

We don’t know much about Minnesota, but we do know that Twins fans are going to adore Rich Hill and his family. His time with the Dodgers won’t soon be forgotten, as he left fans in Los Angeles with plenty of happy memories. 

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  1. If the Dodgers meet the Twins in the World Series Maybe him and Maeda can do their part in helping us win, having made two World Series with us and being so close to the guys on this team it would pretty much be like winning for them too

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