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Dodgers: Justin Turner Really Wants Russell Martin Back

When we talked about how badly we wanted Russell Martin back on the Dodgers during our podcast, we knew we weren’t the only ones. Justin Turner confirmed that when he talked about Martin on Kourtney’s podcast

Martin cam up when Kourtney and JT were talking about the MLB rule changes. One of those rule changes allows for position players to be used as pitchers, which the Dodgers loved about Russell. Martin pitched in four games last season without allowing a run.

Sign Russ. Russ, Russ if you’re listening to the podcast, we need you. Not [just] because of your pitching skill, we love you for everything.

Justin Turner isn’t alone in wanting Russell back on the Dodgers. Fans have sounded off all week hoping that the front office would add him into the catching mix, which currently has five guys within the player pool. 

At this point in his career, Martin is definitely a part-time player. But he’s an established veteran who could also help out some of the young guys that are in the current player pool. If the Dodgers’ front office wants to make everyone happy, please sign Russell Martin now. 

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  1. I agree our Dodgers should sign Russell Martin back and retire as a Dodger Blue player.

    1. We need to re- sign Russel Martin! He can catch, hit, field, and run. He is someone that younger players learn from. A real pro and team leader, who steps up every time. WE NEED RUSSEL MARTIN in a Dodgers unform!

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