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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Diplomatic in Discussing Kenley Jansen For 2020

First, Los Angeles Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen was given a vote of confidence by Dave Roberts leading up to the MLB postseason. Then, he threw to just five batters. To be fair, Jansen didn’t allow a baserunner; but wasn’t given the ball in a big spot in game five with the season on the line.

In actuality, the lack of move spoke volumes about how the manager views Jansen currently. Furthermore, one may wonder how the organization feels about Jansen moving forward.

Thankfully, Andrew Friedman had his end of season press conference on Monday. One of the things he addresses is the closer role in regards to Jansen moving forward. Here’s what he had to say:

Indeed, Friedman left the door open for all possibilities; which is the smart thing to do for a man in his position. More on that in just a second, let’s look at the quote.

“My sense is that Kenley will be our closer, we’ll see how things play out.”

Of course, quotes followed a lot things during the press conference to the effect of ‘all things are on the table’. Without question, anything could happen from here.

While the most likely scenario is exactly what Friedman said – Jansen gets the first bite at the apple – the greater point is that the question is being asked and the Dodgers are eliminated. Luckily for Jansen, he wasn’t a direct reason the team was eliminated by the Nationals in the NLDS.

However, the fact that it’s a decent question in which Friedman has to say he will see how things play out should tell you all you need to know.

Jansen finished the season with a career-high 3.71 ERA, and his highest WHIP (1.063) since the 2014 season. As stated, is sounds like Jansen will likely open the season as the team’s closer in 2020. From there, it’s going to depend on how he does; as it should.

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    1. NODH, I am not sure Dodgers will have recovered from this year’s NLDS elimination by next ST. 2020 Could very well be a long year as a result. But I can guarantee you that the NL All Stars in 2020 will be very glad that it won’t be Roberts managing that team. After all he lost both ASG as manager and his pitchers in those games were the losers of those games.

      1. Paul: This club shows all the signs of an organization that cares for nothing but the money. Friedman refuses to make top flight moves to fix the rotation (Kershaw and Bumgarner are both examples of pitchers past their primes and not “aces” any longer). He won’t fix the bull pen or fix the “let’s go out there and not lose” (but they do) approach of Dave Roberts. I don’t have any enthusiasm for Spring Training at this point and I’m already trying to forget this season.
        2019 Dodgers RIP.

        2020? Yawn…I’m lowering my expectations to match those of the FO.

  1. Bringing back Friedman and the same ol same ol. They already announced spending millions and millions on stadium renovations. So there went a Closer, another bat, and any chance of a premiere free agent. I won’t be taking my Ben Franklin’s to Dodger stadium this year, nor will I be purchasing the MLB package. Nor will Friedman and Kasten care, they have a monopoly going on with 4 million fans whether I’m there or not. Maybe the baseball gods of 31 years will swoop down and put a winning curse on Friedman and inspire him to go for it all for once…

  2. It’s too bad we can’t fire pessimistic fans that love to throw shade on one of the most productive teams ever. Makes you wonder what team you guys are really fans of, it doesn’t sound like it’s the Dodgers!
    Sure I’d love to see a WS win but I also like that my team is fun to watch and wins alot of games.

  3. Honestly, the Dodgers are positioned well. They have a solid major league team (106 wins), great talent from the minors coming up and some already here (Verdugo, May, Gonsolin, May, Lux, Smith), Top minor league system, starting pitching (Buehler, Urias, Ryu (if he re-signs), Kershaw), some pieces in the bullpen (Stripling, Maeda, Kolarek, Baez, Jensen).

    The team is deep. The FO just needs to perform in the off season. Obviously need a top tier starting pitcher and bullpen help. The big bat (like a Rendon) is needed.

    I like the fact that the FO has been fiscally responsible so they can now be flexible and make bigger moves, albiet the stadium renovations….which they can afford.

    Let’s give our team (Front Office) a chance. The FO has built a team for the long term….just need a few pieces at this point.

  4. Dan,you must be on the payroll. Pessimism has been well earned from the largest market, with the most money and the largest fan base. We all have the right as Dodgers fans to demand a Winner in L.A. after 31 years of watching failure. Some of us see failure if you don’t win the world series. Some of us are satisfied when Everyone get’s a trophy mentality. That’s everyone’s right as a fan.You do know what the definition of insanity is right? Some fans accept division titles and call that successful, others love fantasy leagues and computer analysis, some enjoy the atmosphere of the ball park, some just like the game. But firing fans for demanding excellence and a championship after a 31 year drought by calling the truth the truth, is a bit irrational.

  5. the endless message loop….wait until next year…….buy tickets…..will buy lots of AL castoffs….and will keep jansen, kiki, kershaw, barnes, pollack, kelly for the “anchors” on the team……..and 64+ strikeouts for playoffs, who’s the batting coach…..pitchers under pressure fail to perform…(goodbye pitching coach)… fails to perform when situations arise….runner on second and no out and runner doesn’t score or even moved to third….goodbye manager for failure to get his players to totally flat….no excuses…..buck stops there.

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