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Dodgers: Rick Honeycutt Retiring as Pitching Coach, Prior Expected to Step In

Some sad news has come out of Andrew Friedman’s presser this morning as he announced that long-time pitching coach Rick Honeycutt will no longer be in that role with the Dodgers. Instead, he will move into a special assistant role.

This role could benefit the Dodgers in a big way due to the nature of Honeycutt’s extensive experience around baseball. Honeycutt, 65, has been the Dodgers’ pitching coach since 2006. The 2019 season will mark the end of a 14-year tenure with the club.

On the move, Friedman expanded a bit.

The fingerprints Honey has left on this organization — again, he’s not leaving — and as much as he has impacted us, he will continue to. But his fingerprints are all over the success of this team as you look back over the last 10 years plus years.

The Dodgers are expected to announce their pitching coach replacement soon and the early favorite for the vacancy appears to be current bullpen coach Mark Prior. Prior was brought aboard prior to the 2019 season.

For us, Mark being here and having the relationships, having built up some trust with a lot of guys… also having the relationship he has with Honey and Honey’s ability to kind of rove through here as he goes through the minor leagues should make that transition even easier.

Under the direction of Rick Honeycutt as the Dodgers’ pitching coach, the Dodgers have won nine division titles and two pennants. He always seemed to be a fixture in the Dodgers dugout across all the managerial experiences the Dodgers have experienced. From Grady Little to Joe Torre to Don Mattingly and currently Dave Roberts, Honeycutt has always been there.

This was expected sooner rather than later with Honeycutt’s tenure in and around baseball growing longer. He will now move into the front office with a role that could properly utilize his expertise.

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  1. Good get lost. This guy is never aware of pitch tipping or anything else wrong. It’s always some outside source on the internet or on tv that has to inform them of what went wrong and it’s obviously after the fact when it’s too late.

    1. Completely agree! Dodgers have to make changes and I think Honeycutt should be among them. Wish Roberts was at the head of the line.

      1. Not so sure if Honeycutt was a real problem. Maybe.
        But regardless, LA will never get a ring with Roberts, one of the poorest decision makers in MLB.

  2. Honeycutt has done s good job during his tenure. However, after a certain amount of time a new face with new ideas are necessary. I am sure he will be an asset to the front office! Good Luck! Now how about Roberts. He is a nice man but, a change is needed! A hitting coach that teaches bunting and hitting to the opposite field would be great!

  3. Front office needs to go through every single players, fine out Is trash Always hurt, team player, can he play high leave Major League Baseball , do not get him because he cheap price let’s get him, those are call Swamate players no body wanted. Los ángeles wants quality players, that’s how we going win.

  4. As long as Dave Roberts is the Manager of the Dodgers i will not watch another game .i like Roberts as a person but come on man hes blown it too many times. But either way the Astros are too powerful for the Dodgers so they would have lost the world series again anyway.

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