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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Illness Puts Contract Extension On Hold

The Dodgers and President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman have been working on an extension since their season ended and though it was reported in October that both sides were finalizing a new contract, we have not had any updates 10 days into November. 

That was until a Twitter user brought this up to the attention of Dodgers beat writer Bill Plunkett, who gave this explanation for why the deal has not yet been closed. 

While vague, it does give a legitimate reason for why we haven’t heard anything. Friedman has been bed-ridden with the flu. But Plunkett said he’s been sick for the past week, so what about the other three between the original reports and now?

Throughout Friedman’s tenure as head of the Dodgers front office, he has played an essential role in turning the Dodgers into contenders year-in and year-out. Though he has been criticized for several reasons — mostly not having brought home a World Series trophy and a perceived lack of taking risks — Friedman has built a solid roster that has consistently been at the top of the major leagues while getting younger every year. 

Friedman has shied away from splurging on big-name free agents, but that may change this winter with reports indicating that he is interested in players such as Gerrit Cole and current Indians infielder Francisco Lindor. 

It remains to be seen what Friedman will do this off-season, but he’ll need a contract of his own to do that.


  1. The Dodgers were in the playoffs 3 straight years before Friedman showed up. And, the success he’s enjoyed has been mainly on the backs of the draft and development skills of previous regime!

    1. Tim, but when it mattered the most in those October games the Dodgers were not good enough to win and yes I lay a lot of the blame in the last few years on the inept managing by Roberts.

      1. My point was to argue Andres Soto’s statement that Friedman “turned the Dodgers into perennial contenders.” They were already perennial contenders when Friedman arrived. You could argue that this season was more evidence of Friedman’s stewardship than the previous ones, and we know how that turned out! As far as Roberts goes, I’m on the fence. I’m not sure how much independence he has in making those “bad” decisions. Some would say the FO directs Roberts to make those moves?

    2. Very truth.Dodgers were in playoffs before Andrew Friedman arrive in front office.Lets not forget Friedman has taken the dodgers too 2 back to back world series.Its not his fault they lost 2 world series.Before he arrive with Dodgers,The previous owner & general manager.They weren’t doing nothing,It was too much drama in front office.Andrew Friedman has turn the Dodgers into a contender the way Im a big FAN of Andrew Friedman,one of the best if not the best.

  2. The Dodgers will never win a World Series because they don’t care. They just need to build division winners to keep making lots of money that’s why they have Friedman because he’s a master at doing that the cheapest way possible. It’s just enough to give the low iq fanbase hope which is all that’s needed to get them coming back

  3. Tim, the club’s record could, in large part, be attributed to the previous regime. I’d judge Friedman based off his transactions and drafts. Overall, he has come out ahead in trades, done well in the draft, done well with player development. He has been meh in free agency, though there aren’t any boat anchors at least. And, of course, no ring, but championship or bust doesn’t appear to be the mandate.

  4. I hope they get Friedman’s deal done. But come on! I’ve never heard of a deal getting held up because the employee is battling flu. Just like Dave Roberts’ nonsense managing, Dodgers front office comes out with this lame nonsense story trying to insult everyone’s intelligence. Plain and simple, both parties still haven’t come to terms.

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