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Dodgers: Former LA GM Ned Colletti Talks Trade Market with Fred Roggin

Former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Lunchtime with Roggin and Rodney on AM 570 LA. 

Colletti’s interview with Fred Roggin starts with the radio host giving the now-San Jose Sharks scout several possible scenarios involving trades that the Dodgers could possibly make this winter. 

Roggin’s first proposal to Colletti is trading for Boston Red Sox star Mookie Betts

First you’re gonna get Mookie Betts. We’re gonna sign 5 years and we’re gonna pay him, okay? We’re gonna give him $40M a year — it’s not my money, Ned!

Colletti laughs in amusement, but Roggin doesn’t stop there though.

Then you’re gonna take Joc [Pederson] and Corey Seager, you’re gonna take Dustin May, and you’re gonna take one other pitcher — a young guy, okay? You’re gonna take those four players and you’re gonna send them to Cleveland for Francisco Lindor and Corey Kluber.

So when you go to spring training, you’re going to have Kluber in your rotation; Lindor and Betts on the team.

Ned Colletti, a veteran GM of almost 10 seasons was pretty brief in his reaction. “Wow! That would be quite the off-season,… you’re stopping there?,” Colletti slyly replied to Roggin.

Rodney Peete brings the conversation back down to Earth with a well-timed “don’t you have to trade somebody to Boston to get Mookie Betts in the first place?” Ned acknowledges that Fred Roggin probably isn’t thinking about that.

But that doesn’t stop Roggin.

They’re not going to re-sign him anyway, Ned, so they’ll just move him. So we’ll give them somebody else.

Colletti then brings up Anthony Rendon and asks Roggin about him, but Roggin admitted that he would take Betts over Rendon if he could only take one. Colletti then asked Roggin if he would feel confident enough that he has enough players to acquire Betts without being guaranteed to re-sign him.

Roggin replies that he would make sure that Betts is 100% committed to signing with the Dodgers before making the trade, but Colletti tells him that although that kind of deal is common in other sports, it is rarely seen in baseball.

“If it goes that way, Boston then loses a ton of leverage if a deal can’t be made,” Colletti said. “So teams are … not too keen on giving that right. They may, and they may run it by the player … but again, it is a very slippery slope for a club to do.”

The conversation shifts back to Lindor and Betts, with Colletti saying that it takes more than money to acquire faces of franchises like them, it would require a lot of talent that the Dodgers may not be willing to part with. He also asks Roggin an essential question about his proposal: which trade would he pursue first? 

After giving it some thought, Roggin tells Colletti he would trade for Lindor and Kluber first. Colletti responds by saying Cleveland would likely not take Roggin’s offer, considering Seager and Pederson will be free agents at the same time as Lindor.

“I don’t know why you have to blow the whole thing to hell Ned,” Roggin jokingly responded. “Why you blowing up my whole deal?”

Colletti replied simply with “let’s talk Lakers or something,” before all parties burst out in laughter. 

You can listen to the rest of Colletti’s interview with Roggin and Rodney in the player above.


  1. If the Dodgers spend big this off-season I predict they will spend prospects more than dollars. They can’t play all their prospects so it’s inevitable that some will get traded.

  2. Be patient, save CBT dollars, and sign Betts in one year. By the way Ned, 2020 is Pederson’s walk year, 2021 for Seager and Lindor.

  3. Ok Roggin is a hack as always. Why are they fixated on Lindor? Besides a different sportswriter speculating? The Dodgers kick the tires with every team. Remember last year? There is no reason for them to trade for Lindor they have Seager, Lux with Downs coming up to play SS. They fill from the Farm! I think they will think hard about Rendon but the contract length will be ludicrous and not a good business decision. So they will pass. They will sign Ryu. Get a clue people u know the Kasten business model. They may go after A lefty reliever. They won 106 games! Besides as long as Roberts is Managér they are not winning the WS so relax…

    1. Tmaxter, it is felt by most here that all these top level players talked about as far as Dodgers being linked to or poised to sign will not be signing here. You are correct on Roberts as well. Honestly , after what Roberts did to help sabotage the NLDS i believe has set this club back a few years because I just cannot see premier FA’s wanting to sign here. Dodgers do not appear to be such an attractive draw for players, and it’s got a lot to do with how Roberts and the FO runs things.

  4. Why Betts over rendon when betts plays right field and Cody is the best rightfielder in baseball and Rendon should have won a share of the world series mvp trophy.roggin doesn’t know much about baseball.Dodgers could use rendon but have no need to overspend for betts.

    1. Exactly, Luis. Betts WILL test the FA market after 2020 and Dodgers do not need to send good prospects for a 1 year rental. And I agree Bellinger needs to be in RF and RF only instead of being shuffled around. he only goes to first should a present circumstance ( injury to Muncy or other) dictates otherwise.

  5. Glad Fred Roggin isn’t a GM. Terrible trade offer. Joc, Seager, 1 minor league SP is good enough for Lindor. Kluber is old now with injuries. Don’t give up Dustin May. That is plain stupid! Another “Pedro Martinez” scenario

  6. The Dodgers need to go after top players. We need one top starter(pitching wins championships). Then hitters like Rendon, Betts, Lindor, Castellanos. We also need relief help.

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