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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Lists Out His 2 Priorities This Offseason

The Dodgers are facing the possibility of losing 7 guys from the 2020 World Series team. That reality certainly has not gone over the head of President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman. After all, it’s his job to field a tea, capable of going back-to-back in 2021.

Friedman made an appearance on MLB Network Radio this week, and one of the things he talked about was offseason plans. For Friedman, there are 2 big things on this wish list for the Dodgers heading into the winter months. 

Adding a reliever or two is something that we’re going to keep an eye on and kind of sift through. Really for us, it’s about identifying the talent in a vacuum but also then trying to get as many diversified looks as you can in the pen. This year, we really liked our pen and our pen was a big part of our success…and then I think a right-handed bat. With our positional versatility and flexibility, we have some options on where that possible could fit. 

What Friedman did not say was if these 2 additions are before or after they try to resign some of their pending free agents. The Dodgers will more than likely add Justin Turner back into the fold, but it sounds like they are trying to replace Enrique Hernandez. DJ LeMahieu is a right-handed bat that will be available, but who knows if that’s the sort of talent they’re after.

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In terms of bullpen arms, there are several guys available that could fill out some spots in the Dodgers bullpen. Jake McGee, Pedro Baez, Alex Wood, and Blake Treinen are all arms that Los Angeles could potentially be losing if they are not able to resign. Top-tier arms like Brad Hand and Liam Hendriks are out there but will come with a hefty price tag. 

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  1. How in the world could DJ LeMahieu NOT be the “sort of talent they are after”?. Great RIGHT handed hitter who can play multiple positions.

    1. DJ LeMahieu is the TICKET! Dodger need to sign Turner and get LaMahieu talk about an addition to the line up!

  2. Friedman getting Treinen, Graterol, McGee, etc, proved to be one of the keys to the Dodgers record during the year and in the playoffs, and of course Mookie Betts. The Dodgers have a surplus of young arms in the starting rotation, barring a trade, one or more of them will be in the bullpen Sborz, Gray, White, Santana, and some of the Farm players that were not on the 60 man roster like Knack and others may also play a roll in 2021.
    If the Dodgers want to go all out to win in 2021 I would bring back Turner and Treinen and then sign LeMahieu as a high average & OBP hitter, He would help give the 2nd base position offense which the Dodgers only saw sporadically in 2020. This would put Taylor back to the Utility Roll he excels at. I would let Pederson and Hernandez leave with many good wishes.
    The emergence of Graterol and the potential of Sborz and others gives me more hope for the bullpen. I have no confidence in Jansen being consistently reliable.

    1. Treinen and Hendriks would be great signings as relief pitchers and Lemahieu as a right-hand bat and third baseman. Also, sign Turner as DH and 3B but Turner will probably only play about 100 games. Then extend Cory Seager and the off-season would be done.

    2. I pretty much agree with all you said, with maybe the exception of LeMahieu. If they could get him for 1-2 yrs I would agree. But blocking young players for too long isn’t a good thing. Or maybe trade Lux for a more proven and less expensive player, like Merrifield.
      Friedman rarely does the obvious and a trade could come from anywhere.

      1. I agree with you guys. Friedman rarely does the obvious and his trading, for Graterol and signing of Treinen & McGee last year showed his management team has a great understanding of the talent around the league. No one is perfect but the Dodger Organization has given Roberts incredibly talented teams every year.
        This year is going to be very different as with COVID surging and a vaccine for everyone an unknown. The teams will be very careful not to incur high-priced contracts as they all lost money last year.
        I would prefer they use their future money to sign Seager and set up to sign, Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias.
        The Dodgers are an organization set up to use the Farm Team Players and they have several players that can fill the roster spots of Pederson, Hernandez, Baez etc.

  3. Based on how Friedman and the Dodgers operate, a “reliever or two” probably means resigning Baez and Wood at a cheap deal (because for some reason, they seem to be madly in love with specifically those two) and “right-handed bat” 99.9% means Justin Turner. If it means LeMahieu, then you can say good-bye to Turner since they would both be in a similar price range, from an AAV standpoint. I don’t think it’s before/after they resign their free agents. I think that’s the extent of the offseason for the Dodgers, but who can blame them? They just won the freaking World Series using this model! So hell yes it works. Keep at it!

    1. I consider this a legit championship because everyone involved was in the same position and there was more chance for randomness with the added teams but with that being said the Dodgers still haven’t shown they can win it all in a 7 month season so until that happens I wouldn’t say what they do works for that

  4. Are you ready to turn left field over solely to Pollock? If Pederson goes (and he should) we need a left handed hitter. Someone with some speed and the ability to hit for average. Dodgers have plenty of power but that often results in solo homers because there are several players (Muncy, Kiki, Pederson, Barnes) who don’t hit their weight. More baserunners is always a good thing.

    1. They have Raley, Peters, and Thomas to name a few that were on the 60 man roster and look to be ready to play in the MLB. Pederson is a good player but his $7-8 can be saved to pay for Seager and others players the Dodgers need to sign in arbitration. Same with Hernandez Mckinstry, Beaty and Rios can fill that spot.

  5. We got some big contracts coming up in the future, I want to sign Both Bellinger and Seager. I think now more than ever Friedman should make his famous cheap moves

  6. The comments about Friedman’s “cheap” moves are ridiculous, after signing Betts, and paid plenty for bullpen help the last two years [Kelly, Treinen]. Big difference between cheap and smart. I’d be surprised if they don’t sign Seager this winter, and I’m hoping for LeMahieu and Turner, because neither will require a commitment of a crazy number of years. Nobody wanted to pay Hand 10M, so they could scoop him up if they want at the cost they paid Treinen.

  7. First and far most, the Dodgers need to resign Justin Turner and go out and sign JD LeMahieu to play second base. LeMahieu would be a huge get for the Dodgers and LeMahieu can play 3rd base too. I would use Lux and Beatty as Closing Pitcher trade bate! If possible think about resigning Kike if we can, he wants to play every day and with the Dodgers, he is clutch, just not a an every day type of guy! The only pitcher to bring back is Blake Treinen! Keep Barns, Rios, Taylor and Keibert Ruiz as the extras on the bench!

    Betes, Seager, Turner, JD LeMahieu, Bellinger, Muncy, Will Smith and Pollock and if they bring the DH back we could have 9 bats that have the potential to hit over .290 avg., not to mention four potential MVP’s in the line up!

    Turner is a MUST!

    1. If the dodger can make these moves, this could set them up for the next couples years and on pace to stay in front of the up start Padres!

  8. Dodgers (Andrew) needs to resign Justin Turner and go out and sign JD LeMahieu to play second base. LeMahieu would be a giant addition to the Dodgers. Great idea, trade Lux and Beatty for Pitching! Justin Turner is the Heart of the Dodger organization and he is Southern Cal born son!

    Betes, Seager, Turner, JD LeMahieu, Bellinger, four out of the five could be the next NL MVP! (future WS champions – silver sluggers, golden gloves, bating champions, etc.)

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