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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman on Manny Machado Trade

Andrew Friedman has been a busy man this week. The Dodgers president of baseball operations joined Lunchtime with Roggin and Rodney on AM 570 to talk about the Manny Machado trade.

Everything that happened with the Orioles from beginning to end

It feels like it played out over a multiple year period. He’s been our radar all year. As we set out thinking about the trade deadline, our focus is first and foremost on getting impact type players, no matter where they fall. I think it’s one of the benefits of our roster, that we’re really deep 1-25, and actually 26 through 34. It allows us to focus more on impact and that we don’t have a spot that’s an acute need. Manny was at the top of the list. We’ve had a lot of different conversations with Baltimore. Things really picked up over the last 10 days, the last two was really was set it over the top for us.

What was the hiccup at the end, was there one?

It was much more in the media than it was between us. Anytime you’re talking about a deal of this magnitude, there’s a lot of I’s and T’s that need to be crossed. I think both organizations were staying a little quiet just to work through it, and we did it no problem.

How was it working with Baltimore?

We’ve known Dan Duquette a long time. He’s really good at what he does. He’s a straight shooter, what goes on internally, we read about it, but he was great to deal with. Responsive, and had a really big trade chip in Machado, so he kind of took his time and went through it, tried to figure out what was best for his organization, and we’re happy it was a trade with us.

The trade came at a huge price, do you consider all five prospects to be future major leaguers?

I don’t think you can acquire someone of Manny’s magnitude without that. We set out knowing it was going to hurt some. I think it speaks to the job our amateur scouts have done and our player development staff for us to take guys on day two and day three, to put them in the best position to succeed and get the most out of their ability to put us in this position. We were able to do it while protecting the top end of our prospect pool, and we feel we still have depths behind it. It’s why building up our farm system is so important and critical to our long term success. Not just the guys who come up that impact our major league team, but it’s also for guys we can trade for someone who can impact us in the present.

Have you talked with Corey Seager since the trade?

We have not. I think the fact that Manny is contracted through the season and Corey is out for the season. I know Corey will be fired up. He’s been with us every home game. I’m sure he’ll be excited about it as well. 

Will you talk with Manny about re-signing?

Talking to Manny yesterday, he was really excited to come here. He knows some of the guys, he’s enjoyed watching us play. He’s really focused on trying to help us win a championship. That’s where our mindset is. Once we get to the offseason we will do some heavy lifting for the 2019 season and beyond, but this mood was made to win a championship this season.

After the trade, what happens next with your team?

It’s continuing to have conversations. I think we feel really good about the talent base we have, both on the active roster and guys we’re optimistic will be back soon. I think our mindset is to be open-minded, not sure exactly where on the field. I think there are a lot of things we can do if it makes sense. I feel like we’re in a good spot where we don’t have to change anything. If something lines up that makes sense, we’ll be aggressive.

On increased sense of urgency to win World Series

I think the biggest message is how much we believe in this group of players we have. Talent, the depth of the roster, we feel it is a championship caliber team. That made it easier for us to be more aggressive to back it up with somebody like Manny Machado.

What did Bob Geren get for giving up No. 8?

He’s a terrible negotiator. He was so happy about adding Machado, he was a terrible negotiator. He wants to win, but I think he’ll wake up and regret he didn’t play more hard ball than that.

Where does Machado fit in this lineup?

Doc got pretty excited just thinking about it. I’m sure tonight he’ll talk to the hitting guys and get different thoughts. Wherever he hits is going to impact our lineup. I think this is the deepest lineup I’ve ever been around. The ability to do damage, to get on base, to be part of an offensive unit that can pass the baton and pile on crooked numbers quite often. I’m excited. Any one of those core areas you’re able to make stronger, it takes away some of the burden of the other two. We think our offense is going to be a significant strength. Our run prevention has been really good, we assume it’s going to get better as we look ahead. We’re excited about this team, we’re excited about the mindset they have and the focus they have on getting back to where we were last year but finishing it off this time.


It’s great to see the Dodger front-office going all in, especially going out and getting a player of Machado’s talent. It will be exciting to see how these next few months play out, and if Manny can help deliver the first World Series in 30 years.

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