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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Said Joy Was Not His Main Emotion After Winning a World Series

Baseball is such an odd sport to play. You can put together superteams packed top to bottom with talent and still find a way to lose in October. Fortunately for the Dodgers and President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman, that was not the case in 2020. 

But that has often been the case with the Dodgers for the last couple of years. They have put out lineups and starting rotations that most teams could only dream to have. Despite that, they found themselves on the losing end of two World Series in 2017 and 2018.

Now that the championship drought in Los Angeles has finally come to an end, Andrew says he just feels relieved. The Dodgers President of Baseball Ops talked with MLB Network’s Brian Kenny this week after winning the World Series and the Executive of the Year. As it turns out, joy was not his main emotion upon winning. 

It’s something that I have debated for a long time of what the percentage breakdown would be of joy and relief. And now fortunately I can answer that, and I think it was about 99 percent relief and 1 percent joy, but I’ll take it. 

The Dodgers should have been the World Champions in 2017. The Houston Astros obviously cheated them out of it, but that hasn’t taken away any of the pain from losing in 7 games. On the other hand, they were obviously out-gunned playing against the Red Sox in 2018. 

After losing back-to-back World Series, it’s easy to imagine why Friedman would just feel relieved. There has been so much pressure for the Dodgers to win a championship since the new ownership group took over the team. And finally, 6 years after Friedman took over, they get to call themselves champions. 

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  1. If you watch the end of Gane 6 again, you can tell that both Roberts and Kershaw are also trending toward the relief side of things as well. That pressure to finally deliver has been building for a long time.

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