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Dodgers: Angel Hernandez Ejects Dave Roberts in Milwaukee

The Dodgers are looking for some fire from their team. Dave Roberts appeared to find some of his own in Milwaukee on Friday in an argument with Angel Hernandez. Doc ended up getting tossed on a close call at the plate. 

With Chris Taylor batting, Hernandez called him on a check swing late in the game. The replay seemed to show that Taylor managed to hold up on the swing. The Dodgers manager immediately shot out of the dugout and made his way over to first to argue with Hernandez

Bench coach Bob Geren took over managerial duties for the Dodgers after Roberts was tossed. Doc left with Los Angeles trailing by a run in the game after Jackie Bradley Jr went deep to give Milwaukee the lead. 

This is the first time in 2021 that Roberts was thrown out of a game. Since 2016, he’s been ejected from roughly 1 game per year with the Dodgers. Glad to see that he met his quota early this year and got it out of the way.

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The Dodgers play 2 more games with Hernandez on the umpiring crew this series. He was also responsible for a few questionable calls in the last series against the Reds. Los Angeles cannot seem to get away from this umpiring crew. 

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  1. Angel Hernandez has been a notorious bad umpire for years as noted by many MLB paundits. The whole crew had a bad game (i.e. bad 3rd strike call on Muncy, the rinky dink balk call, the obvious out @ 3rd base and the check swing). Regardless with all that it didn’t lose the game for the Dodgers. Losses are piling up and people say there’s no concern? Never a clean game yet, either SP good—- offense bad, offense good—-BP bad, BP good (like today)—-offense bad. Opponents are outplaying them w/ smart baseball like what Kolton Wong did to them this past 2 games. The Padres and Reds also did it w/ lesser known players, except for Tatis’s exploits. Too many All-Stars not pulling their weight.

  2. It is interesting that even by the somewhat lax MLB umpiring standards that Hernandez has been one of the worst rated umps for years and yet he still has a job. Go figure.

  3. from what i heard hernandez blew the call he is also one of the games worst umpires maybe the worst

  4. The Dodgers issues right now go way deeper than bad umpires. BTW if MLB wants to infuse more offense into the game, just eliminate the plate umpires from getting help from base umpires on check swings.
    And for goodness sake when will MLB finally institute electronic balls & strikes? It’s embarrassing to the sport how bad umpires are at ball and strike calls.

    1. I agree with you Tim, it seems as though the calls on ball and strikes this year are way out of line. I too wish they would go with the electronic strike zone. I think you would see a lot different ball game.

  5. Roberts knew he was going to get thrown out of game as soon as he stepped out of dugout. He probably just didn’t want to watch the Dodgers sleep walk through another loss. Just like the rest of us!

  6. Bad calls on strikes/balls and check swings for this team is like kryptonite to them getting anything going. Yes they should be scoring more than zero or one run before the game is too progressed, but the terrible calls especially late in the game are so defeating to a team that forces pitchers to pitch strikes, having critical pitches that are nowhere near the zone called strikes when it matters the most in a close game.

  7. Forget Hernandez, Let’s just play some old fashion baseball untill the offense catches on. The ball is not leaving the park like before. I seen ball hit that where out of the park last year die at the warning tracks.

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