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Dodgers: Another Baseball Insider Talks Trevor Bauer’s Future in MLB

Trevor Bauer remains one of the most toxic topics surrounding the Dodgers. Whether a fan wants him back or doesn’t; thinks he’s innocent or guilty, the commentary just gets ugly hastily.

As it stands, nothing has been openly announced regarding the Los Angeles District Attorney’s investigation into the allegations of sexual assault made against Bauer. Still, the embattled pitcher remains top of mind for national media outlets.

In a recent USA Today column, MLB insider Bob Nightengale shared his thoughts on the right-handed pitcher who he, like others, feels will not be suiting up for the Dodgers this season.

Certainly, he has thrown his last pitch for the Dodgers.
He also won’t throw a single pitch in a major-league game for anyone in 2022.
MLB still is awaiting word from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office investigating sexual assault allegations against him. Once the findings are revealed, MLB will call Bauer in for questioning, present its case and suspend him for the entire 2022 season.
He will not be paid his $45 million, but the Dodgers will remain on the hook for $17 million in 2023 when they release him.
The big question is whether any team will give him another chance?

After a long hiatus, Bauer has been active online once again. Some have taken to wondering whether the 30-year-old knows something that hasn’t been released to the public yet. He recently shared his excitement to return to the Dodgers in a response on social media. But, of course, that’s not up to him.

As Nightengale says, next up in potential punishment beyond the DA is MLB itself. Bauer already had a contentious relationship with the league office and surely MLB higher-ups would love this opportunity to make a statement. And best believe, regardless of the outcome of the criminal investigation, MLB will try to make that statement with a long suspension.

Team wise, the Dodgers have been mum on Bauer, whenever asked. Last October, LA president of baseball ops, Andrew Friedman, only said that the organization was waiting until the results of the criminal investigation. Friedman would not take a step in any direction.

Certainly, the Dodgers would have a hard sell in the public relations department if the pitcher returns to the team at any point. Criminally charged or not. MLB too would face another round of scrutiny, which would be particularly damaging following a winter-long lockout and the league’s handling of Atlanta outfielder Marcell Ozuna.

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