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Dodgers: Apparently LA Fans Need to Work on Their Smack Talk to MLB Players

There’s nothing like some good home field advantage when you are weaving your way through the postseason. Alternatively, playing in a hostile environment can be the difference of an entire series and fulfilling your legacy.

In an anonymous MLB Player Poll by The Athletic, players voted on the most intimidating places to play during the postseason with Yankee Stadium finishing first place with 43% of the vote. Sitting right behind is Dodger Stadium with 13.8% of the vote.

With the diehard Dodgers fans that take over Los Angeles, it was no doubt Dodgers Stadium ranks near the top although the trash talk doesn’t necessarily seem up to par according to baseball players.

“I’d probably have to say LA. In the bullpen, the fans are right there, they’re drinking, they’re trash-talking. But their trash talk is not that good. It’s loud, though.”

A strange description of fans not being good at trash talking but the screams and roars of the crowd make it enough to detour any top player. Again this shows fans coming out to games especially when they matter most, but maybe this is a sign that LA fans are being a bit too nice? 

Part of the fun of going out to games is being able to interact with the players, respectfully of course. While fans wait to decipher what tickets to get for this coming postseason they can also take the time to brush up on their trash talking to really show opponents what LA is all about. 

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