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Dodgers: What Happened to Edwin Rios? Why is He Not on the Roster?

There were high hopes for Edwin Rios at the season’s start.

He was expected to play on a near every day basis, and contribute as one of the better power hitters on this talented roster. With the addition of the universal DH, there was much more flexibility to get Rios involved on a more consistent basis.

Through the first two months of the season, Rios was doing just that. He appeared in 27 games, and had an impressive seven home runs and 17 RBIs in just 86 at-bats. He was doing exactly what was asked of him, mostly as a DH, with a few games spent in the infield at first and third base.

Then, Rios went down with an injury, and he disappeared faster than a Coke Zero in the Dodgers Nation office refrigerator.

Rios went on the 60-day IL with a hamstring issue, and wasn’t fully healthy until August. In the middle of August, he was finally activated off the Injured List, and transferred to Triple-A for a rehab assignment.

The Dodgers had acquired Joey Gallo just a few weeks prior, making it a little difficult to find at-bats for a similar hitter in Rios. But still, after the rehab assignment, there was a good chance we’d see Rios in the majors battling for a spot on the postseason roster.

That never happened.

Rios has spent the last six weeks in Triple-A, never getting the opportunity to come up — not even when rosters expanded to 28.

So the question is why?

What happened to Rios that he so quickly lost his spot on the regular season roster?

Well for starters, the aforementioned acquisition of Gallo at the trade deadline clogged things up a bit. Rios and Gallo are very similar hitters — power-hitting lefties who struggle to hit for average — so there wasn’t exactly a need for both. And Gallo’s an above-average outfielder, which puts him ahead of Rios in terms of defense.

So then you have to look at Rios’ performance in the Minors.

In 48 games with the Oklahoma City Dodgers, Rios is hitting .259 with nine home runs and 39 RBIs. He’s struck out 66 times in his 189 at-bats. Not exactly impressive numbers for a guy who was hitting a home run every 11 at-bats or so through his first two months of this season. In the minors, he’s hitting a home run in every 21 at-bats.

So that hasn’t helped him reach the bigs, especially with the emergence of Trayce Thompson taking up another roster spot, a guy who’s hit righties surprisingly well this season.

Then you have to look at the defense. Rios has played a ton of third base for OKC, and has a fielding percentage of just .881.

So you can’t really trust him to come through as the power hitter he’s supposed to be. And he’s not fielding particularly well. Plus, defensively, he’s extremely limited playing mostly first base and third base, positions the Dodgers have well covered.

So that answers why he never got a chance to come back and see if he could offer this team something they didn’t already have.

You could make the argument that Dave Roberts could have at least given him a shot, especially with the expanded rosters. And if the rosters expanded to 40 like they used to, he undoubtedly would have gotten some playing time.

But, he hasn’t impressed all that much since returning from the IL, and Roberts felt it was more useful to get guys like Gallo, James Outman and Miguel Vargas at-bats down the stretch, rather than the struggling Rios.

Rios’ time in Dodger Blue may be far from over. A good offseason could get him right back on track to be a contributor next year.

But as this season comes to a close, it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing Edwin Rios for the remainder of 2022.

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. Rios may become trade bait although AF doesn’t like to sell low. If Vargas makes the roster next year that hurts Rios as the Dodgers will pick up J Turner’s option. I doubt they sign Gallo for 23. I hope they make an effort to sign Thompson. Do they re-sign T Turner? Rumors are he goes to an East Coast team. Do they use Lux or a farm guy for SS or go after a free agent if T Turner leaves? All about available roster spots in 23.

    1. Trea will leave. Lux will do just fine betting singles n solos . Unless management doesn’t have faith in him? I’m pretty sure Lux will keep improving for a while at least? Hi high is his ceiling tho? AF is a beast at GM. he’s very methodical. I think we unfortunately don’t make a serious deal ( unless lux is clearly not going to be a near gold glove candidate)?! …or if trea is pleading to stay. I odmt want cubs getting him, or mets tho. Philly sucks, they can have betts too, they won’t beat us or anyone else ftm. Their 4 aces from the 05-10 are long gone n they’re back to post Mike Schmidt again. Damn….u neber here about him , he was great , but quite in media. Trea is gone tho. We will NEED that money elsewhere! Maybe Degromme !? If Urais.csmt handle the heat(?) Kershaw retiring or wanting $$$ or is Dr jeckl in playoffs (?)….Anderson is meh in playoffs, Heaney getting bombed in playoffs??????? Especially if Trey disappears in the playoffs again, and he’s been involved in the ball a little bit of late. … Then we’re going for a elite player to be a number one or two picture to try again next year for a World Series, even if we win this one. Because the money the daughters are putting into this is for multiple rings. Not just 1 non vovid strike ring. Rios n HS gsli n CKim r gone gone. Kersh n price!? Price can be an x factor in post too I think? I think hes getting hungry!? I think Gallo will shock . Belli, well stick with him 1 more year. 18 million. He can platoon with TT. Tho I think teams will outbid us. Tho he owes us. Watch for Barnes to get his $ in playoffs too. Him n Gallo n price. If Yanks make WS, that’ll be a plus for Gallo. Gallo knows NYY staff I assume. Usually a hitter kills his former team. Not always this. Idk how I’m still texting. Lol

  2. Rios lost his job to injury, LA can’t count on him to stay healthy. I think the Dodgers will trade him to Marlins, Twins, or someone else who needs a lefty power bat. The return will probably be small like the Matt Beaty and Zach Mckinstry trades, but his spot can go to Ryan Noda or James Outman and the Dodgers would probably get similar production.

  3. Good article Noah! Found that interesting as can be , and I didn’t know about his D and minor minors contributing. Is he signed thru next year? Options? Muncy will be healthy again next year , and it’s Turner’s contract year next year , Trayce prob be gone, I luv him, if we can fix him up a lil more- i think his D will be gold glove quality oncr he can start regularly too! Gallo will be gone, Doc’s charity will run out …I think Gallo will do sum things in playoffs. Watch, he’ll get us a win in series blast to win game 7 or something of the Yanks. wud be hilarious as hell,!! That being said, I can’t see rios paying here? Outmans teaser trailer this summer and Vargas showing signs . Rios better learn back up ER catcher in case smith out n Barnes ejected or hurt or w/e? Hanser will be gone too. Hanser set a great precedent for the Swiss army player , but he needs to platoon, not a utility player.

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