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Dodgers Are Their Own Oscar-Worthy Movies

The Oscars are on Sunday (hooray?), and there are a several movies that have been nominated for Best Picture. So, what happens when you actually choose to look at a sports team through the eyes of a nominated movie? Have no fear, the Los Angeles Dodgers are here!

Over at the Los Angeles Times today, they released an article about which movies the teams in the greater Los Angeles area happened to be the most like, from “The Martian” being a movie about Mike Trout’s loneliness on the Angels to “Mad Max: Fury Road” being about the Clippers.

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From John Cherwa at the Los Angeles Times:

“The Big Short.” It’s the story of the collapse of the banking industry and all the little people who lose out because of greed. Sounds a lot like the Dodgers’ TV deal with Time Warner and its inability to reach an agreement with satellite and cable providers. Here we are in our third year without a resolution. Late in the movie, Steve Carrell’s character gets a conscience; let’s hope the same thing happens to someone in the Time Warner story.

Ain’t that the truth? The ongoing battle between some cable companies and Time Warner about broadcasting Dodgers games is something that people have been keeping tabs on for quite some time. Why? Well, we want to watch the team and most people can’t watch them right now. It sucks, and it needs to be fixed.

That wasn’t the only movie the team saw about themselves, though:

“Brooklyn.” It’s the best feel-good movie of all the nominees. A young girl whose heart is torn between two places must reconcile what really matters to her. Could this be the place Vin Scully finds himself this year as he’s about to give up calling Dodgers games that have brought so much enjoyment to both the people who listen to him and the game he loves. And where did Scully begin his career? Do you have to ask?

We’re going to miss Vin Scully calling games with the vigor and intelligence of someone who understands how we tick. Scully is baseball, and I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to say that. He’s iconic, and the icons tend to stand the test of time, which Scully has. This movie comparison makes a lot of sense, as well.

So, there you have it, the movies on the list that had the most to do with the Los Angeles Dodgers. No matter who wins on Sunday for Best Picture, the Boys In Blue hope to be hoisting their own Best Picture title at the end of the postseason as the other teams look on in envy.

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  1. Re: those 2 films;  Does Time Warner Cable have the viewing rights to those as well?

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