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Dodgers Are Still Waiting on Yaisel Sierra To Arrive

This past Sunday, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cuban right-hander Yaisel Sierra finalized a six-year, $30 million contract that would bring the talented pitcher over to the states. So far, however, the team is still waiting on him to actually arrive at Spring Training. Although, don’t be worried yet.

Sierra was having visa issues while he was going through finalizing the contract with Los Angeles, and it appears that nothing has changed on that front at all in the last several days. It’s only just delaying the process, but it is a hurdle that needs to be cleared before he can actually arrive in camp.

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From ESPN Staff Writer Doug Padilla about this ordeal:

“At this point and time, we are still trying to get him over here and I haven’t heard in the last day and a half about [an updated] status,” manager Dave Roberts said. “We’re still anxious.”

As Padilla goes on to note, the prevailing notion among the Dodgers’ front office and coaching staff was that Sierra would be able to make his way to the big leagues sometime this season at least in a relief capacity. However, without him in camp to get acclimated, it takes longer and longer to get to that reality.

The talented 24-year old is still a no-show as the season sits just 38 days away, but don’t start to worry about this yet. The time to worry comes down the line if this drags itself out for a week or so more. Sierra is just delayed by bureaucratic logistics, so he should get those resolved sometime soon.

The right-hander features a good four-seam fastball, a good slider, and a possible two-seamer that people have said looks like a quality pitch. The hope is that his frame and stuff round itself out to make him an impact pitcher very soon. The hope is still there, even if this process is taking just a little bit longer than people had hoped.

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  1. You have to like someone with his velocity and that he has possibly 3 pitches. I read on one article that they felt they could straighten out his mechanics to make his delivery more repeatable so less balls and more control.

    Anytime you can get a talent like this for the one commodity they have a lot of, Money, that is a good thing. That is the way to get a jump on the small market teams…

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