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Dodgers Biggest Postseason Questions, Clayton Kershaw Health Concerns, Can Bobby Miller Be The Ace? | Blue Heaven Podcast

Our very own Doug McKain and Clint Pasillas are live on YouTube right now for the Blue Heaven Podcast. You can join the live stream by clicking the video at the top of the article, or by clicking right here.

On today’s show, we’re going to be talking a lot about the Dodgers pitching situation. We’re going to discuss the potential bullpen, and which players on the bubble will and won’t make the cut.

Additionally, we’ll go in depth on some players, including Clayton Kershaw and Bobby Miller, and give the latest update on Walker Buehler.

What do you think the Dodgers postseason rotation is going to look like? And what about the bullpen? Do you think Bobby Miller can be the ace for the Dodgers this postseason?

This is a live show, so as always, we want your takes and thoughts on all these topics and more.

Make sure you join the live stream to sound off on all these topics, and bring your questions as we’re always happy to go off topic to talk about the things you want to talk about.

As a reminder, you can join the live stream by clicking the video at the top of the article, or by clicking right here.

See you in the live stream!

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  1. No. Bobby Miller is ‘Control of Command’ deficient, and a ways away from being an ace. Example: if you watch his mechanics, his follow through carries him violently to the 1st base side. It’s very difficult for anyone to control and command pitches, in and on the edges of the strike zone, with an off balance, radical follow through. Yes he can throw 100, but so what. MLB hitters can hit 100 mph fastballs! His ERA is 4 so he’s getting hit. It’s why he must overcome the lack of command of his pitches, AND master where and when he wants to throw the heater, as well as his lolly-pop curve change, that unfortunately he leaves up/middle a lot, inviting hitters to jack up. It’s now pretty well known that hitters are now just waiting on his off speed curve, and it’s red “Meat” to barrel up. Miller has the tools and mental toughness to be an ace. But possibilities don’t make aces. Control and Command of your pitches does!

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