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Dodgers: Booing Kenley Jansen, MLB Trade Deadline, Bauer Thoughts, & More | Blue Heaven Podcast

The series against the Giants has not gone well for the Dodgers. Losing 2 of the first 3 games, seemingly everything that can go is going wrong. The biggest examples being that Mookie Betts has sat out the series with an untimely injury, and Kenley Jansen blew his biggest save of the season.

That latter problem lead to the LA closer getting booed off the field and once again sparking debate about whether or not that’s cool or not. We discuss the boo birds flying at Dodger Stadium and take opinions from the live stream audience.


Next, Jansen’s blown save also sparked conversation about whether the Dodgers should look to make a move to solidify the backend of the bullpen. The biggest name on the trade market is, of course, Cubs star closer Craig Kimbrel (which isn’t overly likely to happen). Plus comments from Andrew Friedman have us questioning what the club may be thinking about the status of embattled starter Trevor Bauer.

Finally, we share some thoughts on the Yermin Mercedes situation and trash Hall of Fame manager Tony LaRussa.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Dave “Stubborn” Roberts is the blame for losing these last two games against SF and the team not being in First place why is he in denial with Kenley “Unpredictable” Jansen (74) Everyone knows he can’t close games especially games with a one run lead yet alone last night game two run lead except Roberts he would rather sacrifice the team for KJ trying to prove a point that KJ still has it are you kidding me!
    Who close the show to win the 2020 NLCS against Atlanta?
    Who close the show to win it all against Tampa bay on the 2020 World Series Championship?
    Answer: Julio “El Hombre” Uriah (7)
    Andrew Friedman and front office better step in and get a Real Closer!
    Blake “BT” Treinen (49) would make an awesome closer.

    1. I agree with everything you stated. I would love it if TREINEN was the closer…..but then that makes too much sense for the Roberts/Freidman thinktank!

  2. Am I the only one who wants to see Dave dumped? I really liked Mattingly. If there were reasons we let him go, I don’t remember what they were.

  3. It is obvious that Dave Roberts is an incompetent crunch-time manager. Jansen allows 4 of 5 batters to reach base, clearly has control issues, and you leave him in there for a 6th batter with bases loaded? The rest of the nation is wondering how does any competent manager leave the pitcher in that long? I’ve had enough of Dave “hang-em-to-dry” Roberts.

  4. Jansen has got to go Is Roberts crazy for bringing this clown in next day after blowng the game before. Lux has been big disappointment should be traded. Bottom of order no hitting at all with Lux Bellanger and Barnes. I hate to say it but we need more changes and I don’t see us going back to World Series.. Trade for 2nd basemen ,starting pitcher, and a real closer not all these journey men. Get contact hitter like Merrifield from KC

  5. The “fans” who booed Jansen are a bunch douchebags who don’t even deserve a ticket to be there. The guy has been lights-out for almost every game, especially compared to a pitching and hitting staff that has been anything but reliable. If Jansen were pulling a Manny Ram and slacking off, or tripping runners (aka El Scumbag Machado), that would be one thing. But the guy busts his ass every game, and is also interesting to watch.

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