Dodgers Broadcaster Joe Davis Picks the Perfect Name for His New Baby

Dodger’s play-by-play announcer, Joe Davis, announced the birth of his and his wife Libby’s third child Friday morning and within that announcement was a surprise for his coworker/color commentator and best friend Dodger legend Orel Hershiser.

The new addition’s name: Theodore Orel Davis.

Hershiser took the news in stride but I have a feeling he had to hold back some tears while typing this response.

To those who listen to the Dodgers’ broadcast team, this is not a surprise as we have been with these two from the beginning of their friendship but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get all the feels because we definitely got all the feels.

Congratulations to the Davis family on their newest addition. We wish you many years of health and happiness with your little bundle of joy.


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  1. Hate to be sacrilegious, but I was never that much of a Vin Scully fan. Joe and Orel are the best broadcast team in my 50+ yers watching baseball, by far. Love those guys. That baby is beautiful, all the blessings in the world for Joe.

  2. Yes, Jackson,
    You are being sacrilegious. How can you say that? Vin Scully was THE BEST baseball broadcaster ever but since he retired, Joe and Orel are very close behind.

  3. Looking back at recent comments regarding Dodger broadcasting and I agree I really like Orel and Joe; however, Vin Scully was the ultimate broadcaster. You could close your eyes and see the game through his words. In our house when I was a kid on the rare occasion when Skully announced televised games it was considered talking in church to interrupt his play-by-play. If we saw the game at Chavez Ravine my family was one of the many listening to Vinny on a transister radio. Miss Vinny but hope for a speedy recovery for Joe and good health for Orel.