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Dodgers: Buster Olney Connects The Dodgers To A.J. Pollock

Reading between the lines – a common theme has prevailed. The Los Angeles Dodgers are in the market to upgrade their current outfield. Today, Buster Olney took to twitter to throw a new name in the ring just as the Winter Meetings kick off in Las Vegas.

That player’s name is a familiar one. Former Arizona Diamondback A.J. Pollock is a free agent, and Olney believes the Dodgers are connected.

Furthermore, as I said in the opening line of this post; the Dodgers seem to desire an upgrade of outfielders. I posted this on twitter, because with all the Bryce Harper chatter and now Pollock’s name in the mix; it seems something is going down.

Olney is well connected. Furthermore, he’s likely heard something in the inner-workings that indicates the Dodgers are going to move on an outfielder in the near-term. He agreed with my sentiment.

Pollock comes off a 2018 season in which he hit .257 with 21 home runs and 13 steals. He played in just 113 games due to sustaining a fractured thumb in May.

Equally important – Olney also says the Dodgers are ‘all-in’ on the catcher market.


Pollock has been a somewhat productive player since 2015, especially when healthy. Dodgers fans are no stranger to his style of play. While peaking in 2015 offensively, he boasts a career OPS of .805 and is considered a plus-defender. Still, one must ask themselves; what does Pollock do that the current core of Dodgers outfielders don’t? There is definitely a clear reason that the braintrust running Los Angeles wants to transfuse the current group of outfielders with an upgrade. It will be interesting to see what type of contract Pollock commands based on league interest.

So how do you feel about the Dodgers adding A.J. Pollock rather than a Bryce Harper? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Well I honestly don’t think Pollock will sign with Dodgers due to the big chance he will be made to platoon. i got to say again, that this platooning obsession will keep just about every position player, who happens to have been a starting player away from this team.. and I don’t blame them one bit!

  1. That’s not even a discussion, There is no team in MLB that would rather have A.J. over Bryce. How would I feel on adding A.J to the Dodgers over Bryce? I’d pass and keep what we got (Puig, Bellinger, Peterson, Kemp, Verdugo) if we cant get Bryce. It’s not like its this one or that one.

  2. AJ Pollock is an absolute stud when healthy. Most of his injuries are due to how he plays the game……hard nose. When healthy his production is near the top of any OF’r in the game. I still don’t believe believe the Dodgers have real interest in Harper. I think they are more likely to sign AJ then Bryce. Maybe wishful thinking, but I hope I am correct on this.

  3. Been a Dodger fan since they were in Brooklyn , if their serious about winning a World Series they need to go after Harper and Kluber and a bridge to Jansen.

    1. Pollack would b garbage 4 the Dodgers go make the trade for kluber sign Harper then go after lamahue to play 2nd & get Robinson 2 bridge the gap 2 Jansen! Best plays 2 get the ring next year

  4. Hasn’t anybody seen Harper’s defense? We go from best RF in the league to worst. Our offomomense against LHP is below league average. Our biggest need is a RH bat.

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