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Dodgers Free Agency: Dave Roberts Comments On Pursuit of Bryce Harper

I am beginning to believe more and more that the Dodgers interest in Bryce Harper is legitimate. All signs point to a relative ‘yes’. Recently, the Dodgers were rumored to be in hot pursuit of Harper. Then, Magic Johnson’s supposed flight to Las Vegas. Now, Dave Roberts talks glowingly on the Dan Patrick Show about the free agent outfielder.

There seems to be a build.

Dan Patrick pointed out that Harper is a listener of his show, and asked Roberts if he could comment.

I actually think I can talk about Bryce – he’s free now. What a player. He knows what I think of him.

Furthermore, Roberts went on to say that he was not aware of any interaction between Magic Johnson and Harper; but the Dodgers’ brass would be present at the winter meetings and dialogue could (will) be held. Roberts also jokingly said he would trade 300 cases of his signature wine to get Bryce Harper.

Undeniably folks, there exists a law of attraction between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Bryce Harper. This is going to play out in a very interesting fashion over the next several weeks. And just maybe – the Dodgers will land the biggest fish in the free agency pond in time for the holidays.

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  1. Whoever signs Harper for 300 million and 10 yrs is the loser. Just compare his numbers to other outfielders and you’ll see he’s way overvalued.
    I doubt the Dodgers want to go down that road.

    1. Would you change your position if Dodgers signed him for 3 years, $111MM? ($37MM AAV)? I read the other day that Harper’s reps were reportedly trying hard to find an innovative way to get him to the Dodgers.

      1. I would do that. I’m in the minority that thinks the Dodgers are better off without Bryce Harper, but 3-5 yr deal, paying close to the legit equivalence of his production value is a win-win for both, and he’ll enter free agency once again at a reasonable age. Even if the price they end up paying is above market value, it is still well worth it because of the great likelihood that his surplus value far exceeds whatever he is paid and for the caliber type player he could be: Barry Bonds at his best, prime Andruw Jones in the middle, and Justin Upton at his worst. Ten years is ridiculous, a 5 year deal is not.

      2. Hello SoCal! For 3 years or so, yes I would be all in, as he’s no worse against LHP than any other Dodger. Of course an OF or 2 must be moved. But again I also believe a RHB that can hit LHP is a must as well. Puig, for 2 years now at least has shown he cannot hit LHP as he does RHP and if he was disgruntled about playing time, that was the reason why.

      3. There has been mention he’s open to playing first base. He would likely move there down the line.

    2. I just don’t think he’s a fit here for the Dodgers, as much as I like him as a person.

  2. Bryce Harper is better than any Dodger outfielder presently on the roster, so, yes, I’d love to see him in blue.

      1. Clint, part of Bellinger’s issues in 2018 is the fact that Dodgers moved him back and forth from the OF to 1st base IMHO to accommodate Muncy, who I believe IS expendable. Let Bellinger go back to 1st FULL TIME and by trading the other surplus OF, we would have room for Harper.

    1. I still take Kemp over him even with bad legs he”s still better defensively and offensively still can hit both left or right handed pitchers just Friedman and Roberts are full of shit since they both get together to make the decisions.Kemp would have driven in over 100 RBIs but these two bozos decided to platoon him.

  3. Trout, Machado, Arenado, Goldschmidt are guys that are worth signing to ridiculous contracts because they prove year in and year out that they’re elite. Harper doesn’t do that, he hasn’t strung together enough consecutive elite years like the others listed above

  4. Even with Harper we still need a real experienced smart manager that can win a world series cause we have the 3 stooges managing the dodgers.

  5. Magic needs to get to tell Andrew Friedman to stay the hell away from making managerial decisions or accept his stupid mistakes cause we”re blaming Roberts for the failures when bozo Friedman is the one to blame.That”s why he signed Roberts again and not an experienced manager that wouldn’t”t put up with his shit

  6. Time to put Bellinger back at 1st base where he is a gold glove,and his numbers will get better and Muncy tell him to loose 25 pounds and put him at 2nd Cory Seaver at short Turner at 3rd.Matt Kemp in left field full time and Joc back at center if he”s willing to loose 20 pounds and extra Fielding practice and keep Barnes as starting catcher am sure he will hit 260 with 14 homeruns 68 RBIs with better than average defense.And watch both Puig and Joc put up great offensive numbers playing everyday so will Bellinger and Muncy.And World Series Champs

    1. Hmmmmm. You sound like the rumored Freidman philosophy. I believe Barnes’ `17 off. stats were an anomaly. If this lineup couldn’t measure up in `18, what makes you think things will change enough with the same players in `19 to make a difference?

  7. What Big Blue REALLY needs first is pitching and quality RP comes first followed by a solid starter. As much as I liked Puig’s Kissing Cousin, I’m hoping a change in Batting Coach makes a difference (as in shuffle the deck and redeal). Then….we need a stop gap catcher goof 1-2 years who can hit over the Mendoza line.

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